The Midheaven Mystery

If you thought the Ascendant was hard to understand, the Midheaven in astrology is an even more mysterious concept. Both are described as "points" or "angles" in the birth chart, but is that all they really are? They must be a lot more to have such a powerful defining influence on the native, and they are.

Because both the Ascendant(also called the Rising Sign) and the Midheaven(also known as the Median Coeli, Nonagesimal, or Zenith) require a fairly specific time of birth to calculate, they are often ignored or glossed over, but this is a huge mistake. The 24-hour day is the most fundamental or basic unit of time, even more so than the year, and roughly every two hours, a new Ascendant rises or a new Midheaven culminates.

The Ascendant is crucial because it is your Earth or Gaia sign, something most astrologers have consistently failed to elucidate. Every important influence in astrology has a physical source to back it up and the Ascendant influence is no exception. If the Midheaven is as important as the Ascendant, then it too must have a physical source to back it up. There is no way around it.

The MidHeaven means "middle of Heaven" or highest point of the ecliptic at the native's longitude of birth, where the atmosphere is thinnest and where the Sun shines through at it's greatest power. It is the God point or alter ego, what you aspire to and how you wish to be seen or remembered by everyone. While the Ascendant is how people see you close up in person, the Midheaven is how others see you from afar. It is your "reputation" or place in the world which is why it is often associated with your profession or career.

The Midheaven is all of these things and much more. Marlene Masini Rathgeb(author of "Success Signs") was right when she said that the Midheaven was the richest astrological symbol of all. There is so much we have yet to learn about this most crucial part of our chart.

Not only is the Midheaven the primary indicator of your appointed or destined role in your life and in the world but it is also linked to your past, your subconcious, your mother, and what is most important to you.

The mother is not normally seen as the most important parent in this upside down world of ours, but she is. In the forgotten matriarchal past, the woman was the dominant sex until patriarchal Jehovah came into power some 6000 years ago. Woman was God then, and the Great Mother was worshipped above all. The Amazonians are the last vestiges of this great past when the male was considered an inferior or defective species(and still is). Jehovah/Satan/Lucifer, the first defective male birth, uses science, war, technology, and religion to suppress the female species. Even science acknowledges that the male is an abnormal creation and doomed to extinction.

The M in Midheaven stands for Mother. M has a numerical value of 4, and Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac, is the sign of the mother. The universe we live in is an egg or ovum, one among many in an infinite ocean astronomers call space. Within our egg-universe is the central spine (Mount Meru)running north to south, and at the middle is our flat earth plane atop other planes extending to the edges of the egg(see diagram below).

According to Martin Kenny there are currently four disc planes in our egg universe, one atop the other, each representing a root race, with our Earth(Atlantis), just below Eden(Arya), with more to come(every 24,000 years). Each of these discs or planes has its own field or "dome" as well as planetary bodies and its own zodiacal configuration. The eastern edge of each plane is where the Ascendant is measured and at the center of them all runs the the spinal energy known as Meru which in astrology is the Midheaven.

In French "mer" means sea and "mere" means mother, so Meru or the Midheaven is also the Great Black Mother, whose life energy runs through our egg universe from the great sea or ocean which connects us to other universes. In the human being, this life force enters the fontanelle at the top of the skull and runs through the spine, and leaves through the same at death.

The Midheaven is therefore our Christ conciousness or higher self, our Heaven self, coming through our crown chakra. It is the nurturing force of the Mother Goddess herself. It is our connection to God and Gaia or Sophia. The sign your Midheaven is in describes the quality of your association with this mother principle.

Sophia or the Mother Godess is first and foremost a Black deity which is why the Earth's inner or cental sun is also called the Black Sun. The first human physical race, Hyperborea, was a black race and is now the oldest race of humanity, followed by the Lemurian Asian race, the Indian Atlantean race, and the Aryan white race -which is the youngest(and most troublesome). In the "Hollow Earth" by Rudy Rucker, the inner central sun is surrounded by orbiting clods of land and water inhabited by the Tekelili, black "gods", and living close to or traveling through the inner sun anomaly changes your skin color to black.

In "the Smoky God" by Olaf Jansen, the Inner Sun is described as a dull-red "planet" with smoky clouds surrounding it, and as the throne of Jehovah(see my article "The Midheaven Planet" in the astrology artices archives/special subjects). This was obviously Sophia's throne before being supplanted by Jehovah some 6000 years ago. The Mother has now become the Father turning everything upside down.

The Midheaven is also the phase in our lives from conception to just before birth. Birth is signified by the Ascendant. The Midheaven degree to the Ascendant degree(counterclockwise) in your birth chart describes the 9 months(ten lunar months) in your mother's womb. The signs and planets there describe major influences or points of development, including those of past lives. See diagram below.

In my own case, I have Libra Midheaven or MC, and my mom is a Sun in Libra, and my website is called Libra Rising, so the MC, true to form, describes not only the parent who bore me, but my life's work or title. My MC is in late Libra while my mom's Sun is early Libra so that degrees are irrelevant here - it's the whole sign that counts. So the whole signs of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius and the planets therein describe my fetal history from conception to just before birth.

The MC is in many ways like the Sun in that it is out there for everyone to see. You broadcast your Midheaven whether you like it or not. Shouldn't it be your Sun sign that is the most obvious? Not necessarily. That all depends on its relationship to the Ascendant. Remember, we live in an inverted or upside down reality where planets express as their opposites or their traditional half. As an example, Venus true ruler of Taurus, should be our dominant physical expression, instead it works in a "Libran"(it's traditional link) fashion affecting your social and relational life, as well as in a Scorpion"(it's opposite sign) manner affecting your sexual and regenerative nature. See my article on "The triple Nature of the Planets" in the astrology archives/basics for a better explanation of this.

In the Same manner, the MC, which I shall assign to Cancer, acts in a very Capricorn(opposite sign) manner affecting career, purpose, or status in life, as well as in a very Leonian(day side of Cancer) way as your power, ego, or brightness in the world.

In summary, the MC or Midheaven, Meru or Polaria, The Earth's Inner Central or Black Sun, The Great Black Mother, Sophia, Isis, Lucifer, Jehovah, God, Conception, Reincarnation, and more, are all one and the same thing. They all point to the center and source of our Earth and Universe.

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