Planetary Transits for 2020-2021

Here we are in late 2020 most of us are still in lockdown, even when the WHO itself admits that masks and distancing are useless and lockdowns are harmful. Why are most governments not listening? Only Sweden, it appears, is doing the right thing. They've let the virus take its course and everything is fine. Covid should have died back in April, but the masks and distancing and the government-corrupted media have kept it alive till today. All in the name of profit and control, and they intend to keep it going for as long as possible, until we all break down and cry under their tyrannical thumbs. These tyrants know their astrology and this is the perfect time for them to exert their power.

Planetary transits set the mood for all events here on Earth, social, political, and otherwise. When there is a preponderance of planets in feminine or negative signs the public mood is highly sensitive, emotional, practical, and conservative. When there is a preponderance of planets in the masculine or positive signs the mood is dynamic, electric, active and eventful. Ideally there shouild be a balance between the two but 2020 was unusually negative with most of the ten planets in earth or water(negative), especially the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto. Capricorn, the sign of hardship and restriction, dominated, with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto there. This produced fertile ground for the covid restrictions and lockdowns around the world.

In late 2020, we see, as usual, most of the planets in feminine or negative signs. This is always favors the controllers because it puts most of us in a receptive or compliant state. In Scorpio season(late October/late November) 2020 for example, we see 9 planets in feminine or receptive signs and only Mars in masculine or forceful mode, with the Moon fluctuating every 2.24 days. The outer planets in particular are dominating the narrative with all of them, from Jupiter to Pluto, being in negative signs. Saturn and Neptune in their own signs, are particularly potent. Saturn is controlling, helped by Jupiter and Pluto, and Neptune is sedating. Uranus is in the sign of money and materialism, Sun and Mercury are in the sign of death and Venus is in the sign of toil and disease. Negative signs in general are dark and depressing. Only Mars is kicking ass in Aries, and thank God, otherwise we'd all be dead and lifeless.

We get some relief in November when Mercury and Venus go into Libra from Oct.28 to Nov.10 lightening up the social mood, but it's still a 7/3 ratio of negative over positive with the Moon sometimes making it 6/4. Sagittarius season isn't too great until the 1st of December when Mercury goes into jovial Sag and then on Dec.15th when Venus goes there as well. The real change starts to occur on Dec.17th when Saturn moves permanently into Aquarius, boosted 2 days later on Dec.19th when Jupiter also moves into Aquarius. This finally breaks up the Capricorn grouping which has weighed heavily on us for the last few years, with only Pluto remaining there for the long term. At this point, the masc/fem ratio starts to even out making us all more positive and balanced in attitude. Uranus in Taurus will still upset us financially and Neptune in Pisces will still keep us deluded, but at least the big two, Jupiter and Saturn, will be sending us positive and hopeful vibes throughout 2021. Hopefully we will have gotten over the covid scam by then.

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