The Outer Planets in 2020

Astrologers look to the transits of the outer planets(Jupiter and beyond) to assess long-term trends for both the world and the individual.

Jupiter, which takes one year to go through a sign, indicates growth and opportunities. It was in it's home sign of Sagittarius for most of 2019, encouraging spiritual growth, higher learning, philosophy, and travel. Those with the Ascendant or key planets in this sign experienced this personally.

Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 3rd 2019 and stays there until December 19 2020, encouraging buisness, industry, politics, organization, regulation, planning, discipline, and accomplishment in general. People with the Ascendant or personl planets in Capricorn will be affected most. They will also feel a general boost in their confidence, optimism, morale, and health, and whatever they need will seem to come to them.

Saturn, which averages 2.5 years per sign, was in its home sign of Capricorn in 2018 and 2019 and will be so in parts of 2020 continuing to test and discipline us in the best way possible. You get what you deserve with Saturn, especially here in its own sign, so always strive to do your best. People with key or personal planets in Capricorn are especially affected.

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 22nd 2020 losing some of its restrictive or limiting qualities and becomng more open and experimental. It then retrogrades back into Capricorn from July 2nd to December 17th 2020 resuming its former behaviour, after which it goes forward full throttle into Aquarius.

Now we get into the big league transits beginning with Uranus which takes 7 years to go through each sign. Uranus first entered Taurus in mid May of 2018 staying there for just over 5.5 months, and then permanently on March 6/7 2019 for the next 6 to 7 years. Uranus in Taurus is rattling the economy and the earth itself and bringing into question all of our previously held values. People with planets in Taurus or the Earth signs are affected most. Also affected are people with planets in Aquarius as Uranus rules this sign. While Taurean types continue to experience huge change and upheaval in their lives in 2020 and beyond, Aquarian types are becoming more shrewd, stubborn, and sensual. Aquarians and Taureans will be dealing more with each other during this transit.

People with the Ascendant in Taurus will feel more aware and energized during this transit, and to a lesser extent the other two earth signs. Odd and surprising things happen frequently now that may change you forever, especially as Uranus hits your exact degree. Moon in Taurus people receive amazing flashes of intuition and many are forced to move jobs or residence. Sun in Taurus people experience similar effects but more on the ego level. This is also a good transit for you guys to get into astrology.

Neptune has been in its home sign of Pisces since 2011/12 and will continue to be so until 2025/26(14 years through each sign) acting as the great sensitizer and dissolver. This transit is really amplifying our moods and emotions and breaking down all that does not click or resonate. On a more substantial level, it's also behind major flooding and rising sea levels, chemtrails, intoxication, poisoning, drug addiction, suicide, psychic sensitivity and disorder, and a general feeling of being lost or helpless. People with planets in Pisces are especially affected.

Ascendant in Pisces people may feel deeply euphoric or depressed or both especially when Neptune hits the exact degree. A loss of identity or connectedness with everyday reality may occur. Sun in Pisces people will also feel this at the ego level while with Mercury it will be at the mental level. Neptune drains or weakens but it can also inspire or gas you up. Moon in Pisces does somewhat better as the Moon and Neptune are very close and these people will feel very creative, calm, and inspired. They may have amazing visions or revelations or feelings of oneness. All water and to a lesser extent earth sign Moons feel good emotionally during this Neptune transit. Fire and air sign Moons on the other hand feel generally disturbed or uneasy, especially at the subconcious level, and must wait for the next sign change of Neptune.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will be so until 2024(16 years) continuing to expose all that is hidden within government industry, tradition, and organizations in general -the good, the bad, and the ugly. All structures, including our own bodily one, are undergoing revision, cleansing, and regeneration, and only that which is true and whole will remain. People with Capricorn planets are especially effected.

Ascendant in Capricorn people are experiencing both Saturn and Pluto in their 1st houses and are undergoing truly serious restructuring, both physically and personally, and may become new people after it's all over. Useless people and things will dissolve out of their life. Same with Sun and Mercury, only on different levels(spiritually/mentally). With Moon in Capricorn the cleansing will be at the emotional level and the mother or home may be affected. Like Neptune, Pluto is a water sign ruler and intimately associated with the Moon, also a water sign ruler. All feminine Moons(but especially earth) will feel Pluto's beneficial regenerating effects during this transit. Masculine Moons will have to wait until Pluto goes into the next sign.

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