Quaoar the Oddball Planet

artist's rendition of Quaoar with its recently discovered rings and its moon Weywot, Sun at the right

Quaoar, discovered on June 4, 2002, is a minor planet of about 680 miles diameter(larger than Ceres), with an orbital period of 288.8 years. It has a moon(Weywot) discovered in 2007. Quaoar comes closest to us in February 2075 at 17 degrees tropical Pisces. In February 2023 it was discovered to have a ring. I like to call Quaoar the Q planet for short. It's been linked astrologically to creativity or out of the box thinking, the Indigo children, genius, madness, psychic abilities, cloning, reproduction, and sexual liberation. It can also indicate loss or death which leads to something better.

Mythologically, it's associated with the Tongva(native south California tribe) myth of Creation. Quaoar is the sexless force of Creation who sang and danced the universe into being. Often, the spelling of an astronomical body is revealing. It may be related to quasars, quackery, the Q continuum, the Q drops and movement, Quebec, Qatar, queers, queens, etc. Look through any dictionary under the letter Q, but especially QUA to find words similar to Quaoar for clues about its meaning.

Here are some words beginning with QUA.... Quadrature , quadrillion, quadruplicity, quagmire, quail, quake, quality, quantity, quantum, quarrel, quarter, quark, quash, quasi. Numerologically, Quaoar reduces to 1(8+3+1+6+1+9=28=10=1). In astrology, the number 1 is the Sun which is the creative force.

Where is Quaoar in your chart? that's where your creativity knows no limits, or where you may have special abilities.

Quaoar, like Pluto, takes a long time to go through each sign(24 year average). Most people alive today have Quaoar in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn
Quaoar was...

in Leo from 1893 to 1920 (27 years)
in Virgo from 1919 to 1943 (24 years)
in Libra from 1943 to 1970 (27 years)
in Scorpio from 1969 to 1994(25 Years)
in Sagittarius from 1994 to 2017 (23 years)
in Capricorn from 2017 to 2040 (23 years).

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While the sign position of Quaoar is revealing, the house position is even more so. I recommend the whole sign house system for an accurate house placement of Quaoar.

Quaoar in Virgo(1919-1943) people are creative in technical or practical ways. Those born between 1929 and 1943 will also have Neptune in Virgo adding imagination and intuition. This Quaoar generation has an altruistic approach to health and labor and a special concern for the physical needs or well-being of others.

Quaoar in Libra(1943-1970) people are creative with people and social situations. They have a special gift or knack for matchingand mediating. This generation will help to bring about true beauty, peace, and justice in our lives, even if at first it may appear to be painful. Those born from 1943 to 1957 also have Neptune in Libra adding sensitivity and imagination. and those born between 1968 and 1970 have Uranus in Libra making them even more unique or special.

Quaoar in Scorpio(1969-1994) people are sexually creative and have a special understanding of occult or esoteric subjects. They also have a knack for buisiness or investing. This generation will uncover many secrets for us that will push to transform and liberate us. Those born between 1969 and 1970 also have Neptune in Scorpio adding sensitivity and imagination and those born between 1975 and 1981 have Uranus in Scorpio making them even more different or liberated.

Quaoar in Sagittarius(1994-2017) people are creative explorers and philosophers. They know where or when to go and the spiritual meaning of things. This generation will debunk old or false views and beliefs and truly expand our view of this realm and the Universe. Those born between 1995 and 2008 also have Pluto in Sagittarius making them even more blunt and deeply spiritual.

Quaoar in Capricorn(2017-2040) people have special and creative organizational ability and see time and space differently from others. They are wise and disciplined in their own special way and seek to truly define or make sense of everything. Those born between 2017 and 2024 also have Pluto in Capricorn so that they will be even more determined pragmatic and organized. This Quaoar generation will help us to regulate our lives and societies and find real purpose within.

Quaoar in the 1st house can give you a strange or unusual appearance especially if close to the Ascendant degree. Very creative but likely with gay or bisexual tendencies.
Quaoar in the 2nd house plays havoc with your finances and resources. You have unusual tastes, needs, and possessions. There is creative or special financial ability.
Quaoar in the 3rd house gives strange neighbours and daily contacts. Entertaining talker, writer, blogger, or communicator in general.
Quaoar in the 4th house brings unconventional views or situations in the home sphere. Security needs are special or different from others.
Quaoar in the 5th house is extremely creative, especially where love and sex are concerned. May have kinky tendencies. Has a special relationship with children.
Quaoar in the 6th house can make a special or gifted worker or healer. It can also subject you to weird infections or diseases.
Quaoar in the 7th house can indicate a very creative or unusual mate or partner, often bisexual in nature.
Quaoar in the 8th house finds you drawn towards secretive study or investigation. It may also lead to weird or unusual sexual situations.
Quaoar in the 9th house can draw you to foreign and exotic places and open up new concepts or philosophies for you.
Quaoar in the 10th house makes you an odd public figure with a special role or purpose in society. Your career or reputation will be anything but normal.
Quaoar in the 11th house gives you weird or unusual friends or associations. You have special goals and special abilities with which to acheive them.
Quaoar in the 12th house gives secret tendencies or habits that may weaken or isolate you. You have weird dreams or visions and creative psychic ability.

Currently, as of this writing(Feb.2023), Quaoar is at 8 degrees of tropical Capricorn.

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