The AC and MC as Definers of Self

The first thing one learns when constructing an astrology chart are the so called "angles" or apexes, namely the AC(Ascendant) and MC(Medium Coeli or Midheaven) and their opposing points -the DC(Descendant), and IC(Imum Coeli).

The AC(eastern birth horizon or Earth point) and MC(middle of the Sky or Heaven point) are crucial in that they not only form the basic structure of the chart, but also define the primary constituents of individual's nature, more so than even the Sun and Moon or any of the other planets.

When we observe an individual, the AC and MC characteristics are the first things we notice. They are there for all to see whether or not the native is aware of it (usually not). It is well known amongst astrologers that the fastest moving factors in the birth chart are almost always the most obvious as well as the most personal features of the native. The AC and MC both take roughly two hours to change signs requiring an accurate hour obirth to calculate. Next comes the Moon which changes signs approximately every 2.5 days.

While the AC is often touted as heavily influencing the way we look and act or the personal image, the MC, which is usually touted as the public image, can be just as powerful in both our appearance and mannerisms. In accurately calculated charts, I have noticed that BOTH of these factors, especially when untenanted by other planets, display themselves unmistakably -according to the signs they are in.

I can think of one such individual(who will remain unidentified) whom whenever I look at brazenly displays the features of her AC and MC above all the other factors in the chart. She does not have planets there making the AC and MC more striking or pure, nor does she display her DC and IC signs(despite having planets there), validating the AC and MC as major SINGULAR influences.

Unlike the other planets, the AC and MC can be viewed as inherited influences which are not yet fully part of us but which we are gradually growing into with time. They will help complete parts of us that are missing or lacking and which we will acquire in this life through our interactions with others and the world. In synastry or with transits, how the luminaries and starry planets("wanderers") relate to the AC and MC, are the first considerations.

One can think of the AC and MC influences as a twofold or abbreviated way of generally pegging the individual both personally(Ascendant) and publically or professionally (Midheaven), just as the two great Commandments in the bible(love God and your neighbour as yourself) summarize the entirety of the law.

The AC(Earth), MC(Sky), Sun and Moon(Lights), and the five visible(Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and three invisible(Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) starry planets are the twelve definers of character or self in the chart, but the first two(AC and MC) lead the way. How they all interact with one another is what makes you and others unique.

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