Bare Bones Astrology

It's time to take the kid gloves off concerning astrology.

For the longest time, astrologers have been pussyfooting around this subject making it out to what it isn't.

Stripped down to its basics, there are only two real components in astrology -signs and planets. I put signs first because they are universally well known and comprise the basic language or foundation of astrology. The planets are less known, except in an astronomical sense, but are as equally important as the signs.

The twelve signs are the twelve spiritual energies or colors of creation, whereas the planets are the twelve bodies or vehicules for the sign energies to express through. The planets are in turn linked to our chakras which are linked to our glands and organs which make up our body. Each planet or chakra emanates its own field and color according to the sign and condition it's in, and all the fields together comprise our multi-colored and multi-faceted aura. Humans are twelve-fold beings.


The lowest or base chakra below the feet corresponds to the Earth which in astrology exercises its power through or via the Ascendant or Rising sign. The highest chakra corresponds to Heaven which in astrology is signified by the Midheaven or Zenith located above the head. The Moon is the pituitary or third-eye chakra and the Sun is the pineal or crown chakra. Mercury is the throat, Venus is the heart, Mars/Pluto is the solar plexus(Leo exaltation), Jupiter/Neptune is the belly(Cancer exaltation), and Saturn/Uranus is the genitals(Scorpio exaltation).

Houses and degree aspects are an exaggerated part of western astrology. Planets are always aspecting by sign, natally or by transit, producing different moods or conditions. Houses are the twelve different aspects(by sign) to the Earth/Ascendant. Degrees and orbs are irrelevent in whole sign astrology. A planet's strength is determined primarily by the sign or element it's in. Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, for example, ruling Leo, Aries, and Sag respectively, work best in those signs or their elements. The opposing element is also good but not as strong.

When one observes an individual, one sees the signs first. One can also see the planets behind and shaping the signs, but this takes study and practice. One cannot see the degrees, or houses, or any other bells and whistles invented by astrologers. The aspects are seen or felt indirectly as ease, tension, or circumstance.

Astrology is so simple and relevant it's shocking, yet astrologers have made it a bloated mess.

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