USA Chart: The Good and Bad

US flag and original chart positions

The United States of America was certainly a great nation, like Britain before it, but not any longer, especially under the current 46th administration.

What made America great? Was it it's vast territory stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, its incredible military might, its peoples and resources, its ingenuity and influence around the world, or its connection with God and divine purpose.

More than anything else, I believe the United States of America became a great nation because it was promised greatness through its Abrahamic covenant with its God Yahweh, a greatness that began to unfold in the late 1700's and early 1800's, in lockstep with the the Great Reset of the time.

After 1950, the US stopped winning wars, resulting in stalemates at best, as evidenced with Korea and Vietnam. What happened? What happened was that the US, under Eisenhower, made a pact with negative aliens(Greys) on February 20/21, 1954, exchanging citizenry for technology. This severed the divine connection and the US lost its moral highground as a result. It's been a downslide ever since, but the effects would not become evident until the 1980's and 90's when economic and social conditions began to deteriorate rapidly under the nefarious Cllinton, Bush, and Obama administrations. Only the Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump administrations were exceptions.

Then came the 2008 crash(cash grab} followed by the Biden/Covid disaster. Since 2020, America has been quickly spiraling into death and destruction, helped along by its Pluto return. It has lost all international credibility and potency and it's currently in danger of losing its world currency reserve status. The US is a nation hijacked and dying and only its peoples and its God can save it. It must abandon the gods of money and political power at the cost of its citizens, and return to its core constitutional values.

What can the US astrological chart say about its strenghts and weaknesses? As a strong Cancer(Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) nation, the US primary goal or purpose is to protect and preserve, both itself and others, and it has done this fairly well until recently. During the World Wars it did a lot to rebuild the economies and infrastructures of shattered nations, but with the caveat of holding a certain amount of power over those nations. Japan is a primary example. Unfortunately, the US, under NATO, is no longer caring, but stealing the resources of other nations for its own survival. Western Europe is doing the same. The West has become lazy and greedy and everyone is rebelling.

The negative side of Cancer is fear, insecurity, greed, and gluttony, and most Americans are displaying this glaringly. Cancer likes to eat and hoard and most Americans are either fat or overweight and unhealthy thanks in part to all the chemicals in their food and prescription drugs and couch potato lifestyle. Many can't see beyond their immediate circle and foolishly trust their government to take care of them. The population is becoming ever so diversified and conflicting, especially with the open border situation under Biden, so that their is little overall unity or consensus among the people, and this shows dramatically in their election results which are always split down the middle. While Venus and Jupiter in Cancer show healthy or strong family values, Sun and Mercury are not so well-placed, showing more fear, possessiveness, and insecurity. Even Jupiter, which is said to be exalted in Cancer, tends to overdo it when it comes to food, finances, and emotions.

Using the old and original chart with Gemini rising (which I prefer over the Sagittarius Rising chart), USA's Cancer stellium falls in the 2nd house, giving this nation incredible financial wealth (Venus), power(Sun), savy(Mercury), and international influence(Jupiter). Negatively, it is perhaps over- generous(Sun) and tends to overspend(Jupiter). Fortunately, Pluto in general opposition to the Cancer stellium exercises some amount of caution and restraint. Pluto in the 8th is dignified so that the nation has excellent powers of research, investigation, investment, and the ability to completely rebuild or regenerate itself. With the current Pluto return, USA is literally in its death woes but can rise and rebuild just like the Phoenix.

While Moon in Aquarius(with the MC) gives USA a strong need for freedom, truth, and independence, this is not exactly a good placement for the Moon, as it tends to be "weird" , chaotic, and rebellious. In the solar 8th, they like to explore all things scientific and spacy and enjoy Star Trek and science-fiction in general. The nation itself is said to be littered with underground tunnels and labs making the populace very subject to alien control and abduction. When Eisenhower signed the alien contract in 1954, it was with the Greys rather than the Pleaideans. The Greys are a dying race which need human biology to continue surviving. In exchange they give us some of their technology. Now you know why so many children and adults mysteriously dissappear each year, or where our computers and other tech come from (most humans are not smart enough to invent such products).

Mars with Uranus in Gemini gives the US its military and scientific edge. They are all into "modern" and revolutionary and interested in information and high tech. It also makes the people vocal, intelligent, diverse, fast-moving, changeable, and impatient. The problem is they are better at talking than doing. They fight with their hats and move on. Mercury, the dispositor, is in Cancer, so that all of their know-how is directed towards home, family, and security. In the 1st house with the Ascendant, Mars and Uranus here makes the average American individual appear to be tall, strange, friendly but pushy, and generally attractive, humorous, and well-spoken.

Saturn in Libra is said to be exalted in astrology, but I would give this more to Uranus than Saturn. Saturn here is concerned with justice and maintaing the peace, but the overcontrolling or manipulative manner in which it is done may cause just the opposite. Saturn in Libra is why the United States cannot stay out of other nations' business or affairs. It likes to play the role of cop, authority, or mediator, and often gets burned in the process. It has tons of lawyers and lobbiysts and is great at making detailed laws or contracts, either for individuals or between groups and nations. Their is a refined ability or appreciation for beauty, fashion, sculpting, and the arts in general. In the solar 4th, Saturn's professionalism goes into making beautiful homes and furniture, and every American wants a quality home life (Saturn disposits Venus in Cancer).
Neptune in Virgo gives America a need to work or be of service, be efficient and productive, and be practical and organized in all aspects of their lives. They can become obsessed with detail and precision and this is evident in the products they manufacture or the services they offer. They are especially good at making home products or running home depots, as Mercury, the dispositor, is in Cancer. They are technically inclined and know intuitively how to build or fix things. They can get picky and critical both with others and themselves.

Pluto in Capricorn gives Americans exceptional ambition and drive to succeed or accomplish. They have incredible persistence, timing, and organizing ability. They can be very selfish, cold, and controlling, however, even though they may not show it. This placement, with its dispositor in Libra, can produce exceptionally beautiful buildings, sculptures, and architecture in general. They also make wonderful clocks and timepieces. They are very tight with money, rules, and appointments, and excel in business and politics. Medically, they are concerned with aging and bone, hair, and skin, and how to regenerate such. Pluto in the solar 7th incites extreme responses from others.

The US chart has six "good" and six "bad" planet placements(according to sign/element) so that it is an even mixed bag of generally positive and negative traits. This means that, on its own, the US nation and peoples are an equal mix of good and bad tendencies. What tilts them more towards one or the other will be their education and connection to God. Without these, the nation will flounder and become a burden to all.

Six positions are in air, four in water, two in earth, and 0 in fire. This makes the USA and its people very intellectually inclined. Knowledege, intelligence, and education is their thing. They like to communicate or get their point across. They have all three air signs indicating mental or intellectual completeness and self-sufficiency. Esoteric texts say they are here to stimulate or develop the mental side of humanity, and they certainly have.

Four positions in water indicates they are higly emotional as well (three is the average per element), but they lack the perspective of the other two water signs -Scorpio(depth) and Pisces(universality). Two positions in earth indicates sufficient practical ability, but they lack the determination and evaluative ability of Taurus. Zero positions in fire indicates a lack of energy, drive, and courage, as well as faith and morality(in general).

Six planets in cardinal signs indicates they are doers and not just talkers. Cancer-Capricorn do things quietly and behind the scenes. Libra does things through others or partnerships. No Aries indicates lack of self-initiative. Two placements in fixed signs indicates some level of stability, permanence, and executive ability (four is average). Aquarius is firm on maintaining truth and freedom. Three placements in mutable signs gives moderate flexibility and adaptability.

A cardinal/air dominance would typify the US as "Libran" overall. Seven positions in the first four(primal) signs of the zodiac indicates a very rudimentary approach to life, 2 positions in the middle four signs indicate a weak sense of individuality, and 3 positions in the last four signs indicates a moderate sense of worldliness or universality.

The 2nd house(Cancer) is the most occupied indicating an overwhelming preoccupation with money, food, housing, security, and material possessions. Uranus is the strongest planet because it is in it's own element, once again indicating a powerful need for truth and freedom, especially in the verbal or written sense.

Like them or not, Americans (and their British brothers/sisters) have been selected by God at this time to lead or be an example to the world. They have given us a lot in the past 250 years and the world has benifitted, but recently they have become a scourge and the source of most of the world's problems. It's all or nothing with them, and if they don't shape up and return to their roots we will all be the worse for it.

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