The 2020 Stellium in Capricorn - How Is It Affecting You?

With five major planets in Capricorn throughout most of January 2020(Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto), now is a great time to put astrology to the test. What area of your life(whole sign house) does this stellium fall in? A stellium in astrology is a large grouping of planets in one sign, usually 3 or more. This grouping started in late December of 2019.

Start with your Ascendant as house 1 and go counterclockwise and see where the stellium falls in. If your Ascendant/1st house is Taurus, for example, the stellium will fall in your 9th house of travel and belief systems. You can do this with your Sun sign(and Moon sign) as well.

Also, any planets in Capricorn will be most affected, followed by the other cardinal signs. That's 4 signs. The remaining earth and water signs(trine or sextile) will also be affected but in a less critical and more positive way. That's 8 signs. Least affected are the signs in semi-sextile or inconjunct to Capricorn -that is, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. That covers all 12 signs.

The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter part of the stellium is generally positive but the Saturn Pluto part is heavy-handed so it's a mixed bag. Mercury and the Sun will leave the stellium on the 16th and 20th of January respectively, leaving Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto for the remainder of the year. This trio will still be a powerful one and knowing where it is in your chart or how its affecting your planets can be useful or revealing.

ARIES Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will be focused in their careers during 2020(10th house), putting in a lot of time and effort here. This is a good time to chart your direction or develop a true purpose in life. If your current career or direction is faulty or negative you may ditch it and start over.

TAURUS Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will be forced to examine their current beliefs or spirituality(9th house) and make changes if necessary, especially with Uranus also in your sign. Traveling long distance can be ok while Jupiter is in Capricorn but can be problematic after 2020. Timing is important to your success.

GEMENI Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will be more involved in studying the occult or hidden side of life as well as having to deal with issues of death, inheritance, taxes, and investments(8th house). You may also feel more possessive or preoccupied with sex during this time.

CANCER Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people will have the stellium in their opposing 7th house, putting the emphasis on marriage or close or intimate relationships. Lots going on here both good and bad, as well as dealings with the general public as well. Co-operation and planning works best here.

LEO Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will be focused on their jobs or services to others as well as their health and daily necessities(6th house). Exercise, better eating, better hygiene, scheduling, organization, and discipline are called for.

VIRGO Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people will focus on how to be better loving, playful, or creative now(5th house). They are looking for quality and depth in their love lives as well as the type of entertainment they choose. While Jupiter is here, you may very well find what you want.

LIBRA Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will have their 4th house of home and security emphasized by the stellium so that this is a very sensitive and emotional time for them. This could very well signify a change of residence or family situation. Keep and enjoy what is good here and start over with the rest.

SCORPIO Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will have lots going on in their local daily affairs now(3rd house). Writing, reading, computing, and communication in general will take on extra importance for you. Your mind is sharp, expansive, disciplined, and penetrating now, and you will be able to get your ideas across much more effectively.

SAGITTARIUS Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will be very preoccupied with their finances and holdings now(2nd house). It's a good time to purchase or invest wisely but be careful not to go to extremes or you may lose everything. Count and save your pennies.

CAPRICORN Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people will shine and exert much power now(1st house). You will be able to get your way with most things, just be careful not to abuse or control others in the process or it will come back to bite you. Use your force and luck now to achieve your(positive) goals and wishes.

AQUARIUS Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people have the stellium in their 12th house, causing them to look inward and seek seclusion or privacy. You'll do your best work behind the scenes now, so rest, organize, and plan ahead and you'll come out winning later.

PISCES Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people will be busy with friends, communities, goals, and wishes now(11th house), trying to improve the lives of all those around them. Neptune conjunct will make them extra sensitive and responsive but can also cause them to become too emotionally involved. Keep your distance.

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