Taurus and Scorpio: the baddest Sun signs

Taurus and Scorpio, like no other two signs, bring out the worst and best in people. Both these signs go to extremes, one in a largely material or practical way. and the other in an emotional or intuitive way. Taurus rules money, possessions, values, and tastes, whereas Scorpio rules sex, death, debt, and regeneration.

Both are fixed feminine signs meaning they play for keeps or the long haul and their waters run deep, so that getting into a relationship with these two signs requires careful consideration. The other two fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius, have a similar loyalty or disposition. but on a much lighter or positive level.

We are talking about Sun Signs here. The Sun doesn't do too well in the earth or water element, smoldering the heat and slowing down the vibration, so there are bound to be more bad asses born here than nice guys, but properly guided or cultivated, they can turn out to be some of the greatest leaders or achievers.

Fixed signs in general, especially when involving Sun or Ascendant, crop up frequently as the greatest leaders throughout history, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a Sun in Leo and Scorpio rising or Adolf Hitler who was a Sun in Taurus and Scorpio rising(not Libra). Abe Lincoln was a Sun in Aquarius and Donald Trump is a Leo Rising.

While it is true that Cardinal Suns or signs in general make most of the important decisions, it is the fixed signs who execute or carry out those decisions. The cardinal/fixed relationship is an interesting one indeed. Cardinal is the irresistable force, but if anyone can resist this force, it's the immoveable fixed signs, who win everyone over with their stubborness and resourcefulness. Cardinal wields the power, but fixed holds the goods, and mutable communicates or distributes it.

Taurus and Scorpio Suns, as well as Ascendant, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, or Uranus (the "masculine planets") in those two signs can produce some of the cruelest or vilest people around, as well as some of the best or highest(when handled properly). These two signs fare much better as Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and perhaps Midheaven (the "feminine" planets) placements, where they are comfortable and therefore more harmonious or productive.

I have found or observed that Uranus, the Sun's opposite, in Taurus or Scorpio, can also be just as tough or "bad" as the Sun there. In fact, it is more explosive or uncontrolled here and can cause quite a bit of damage. On the positive side Uranus in Taurus detaches or lets go of materialism while Uranus in Scorpio liberates us from fear or death.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, generally controls money and resources, but its polar opposite, Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is also into big money, particularly investments. And just as Scorpio is into sex, politics, intrigue, and the underground, so also many Taureans will be found here as well. Together they make a truly formidable and almost unbeatable team, ruling most of the world between them. Only Leo and Aquarius(together) can get in their way.

In synastry, Leo has a dominating or 10th house influence over Scorpio. Scorpio has a dominating or 10th house influence over Aquarius. Aquarius has a dominating or 10th house influence over Taurus, and finally, Taurus has a dominating or 10th house influence over Leo. Leo dominated? Yes, the idealism and impulsiveness of the fire signs in general eventually give in to the practicality and determination of the earth signs -it's all cyclical and zodiacal.

This is the battle we see today(which was the same battle of yesteryear): money and sex(Taurus and Scorpio) versus love and truth(Leo and Aquarius). Who will win? Material and emotional versus spiritual and mental. Which are more important? They're all equally important, but how you configure them determines the outcome. Scorpio teamed up with Aquarius, and Taurus teamed up with Leo will cause the negative or feminine side to win, whereas Leo teamed up with Scorpio, and Aquarius teamed up with Taurus will cause the positive or masculine side to win. As teams, Leo/Aquarius versus Taurus/Scorpio will cause neither to win or lose -a balanced situation.

Cancer and Capricorn can also be pretty bad as can Virgo and Pisces, but mostly when occupied by masculine planets. In general, the feminine signs(earth and water) represent negativity while the masculine signs(fire and air) represent positivity. They are equal counter-balancing forces in this reality called life.

The reason I have chosen Taurus and Scorpio as the baddest signs is because they are fixed signs meaning they will not change once their minds are made up, and depending on their choices, this will make them either the worst(or the best) of signs. Human nature being what it is(generally weak and lazy) nudges them more into the negative side. Thankfully we are not just our Sun signs so that there will usually be other mitigating factors.

I am not knocking Taurus or Scorpio suns. Some very fine or evolved people are born here. As eternal spirits or souls we get to be born under all of the signs in the wheel of life and they all have their lessons to teach. It's just that being born under these two signs will provide the greatest challenges or obstacles to surmount. Both Taurus and Scorpio must learn detachment, as hard as that may be and they need to master or tame their powerful appetites and desires. The scorpion must rise to become the eagle and the bull the bear.

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