The Power Of Saturn

a real picture of Saturn as seen from a telescope(most planet images are cgi's)

Saturn or Satan is the chief power of the material world or realm. He(or she) is the last of the visible planets or chief archons(archangels) known since the begining of time(time itself being a Saturnian concept or invention). Saturn's beautiful rings signify restraint and discipline as well as mastery or crowning achievement. It's many moons are the many mountains or nations over which it has rule or control. Saturnalia or the Festival Lights was celebrated in mid-late December(now our Christmas) in homage to Saturn. The loose behaviour during this time reflects the Aquarian or day side of Saturn as opposed to the more conservative or Capricorn night side.

Saturn's main goal or principle is to maintain order, discipline, and rule and manifests as government, law, and teaching or training. Individually we feel the full impact of Saturn during our Saturn returns every 29 years or so, and as varying 2.5 year transits through the twelve signs or houses. As a malefic, Saturn may be mean or severe, but it is also just and real. You get what you deserve.

Below is a pictorial on some of the things Saturn has rule over.

What Saturn Rules

Saturn rules time, form, and space,

from the micro to the macro level

Saturn rules night, darkness, and death,

and the lower carnal nature

Saturn rules Satan, satyrs, goats,

and hoofed or horned animals in general

Saturn rules mountains, hills, and rocks,

and gems, and all hard things

Saturn of course rules the sign Capricorn,

and to a lesser exent Aquarius

Saturn is honor, career, reputation, title, or standing

Saturn also rules law, goverment, regulation,

and institutions or organizations in general

Saturn rules frames, shelves, tables, chairs,

and supports or containers in general

Saturn also rules clocks, watches, calendars,

and time in general

Saturn is shape, form, weight, and density,

and definition or classification in general

Saturn is also number, quantity, sequence,

and hard science or mathematics

Saturn is mining and building, and engineering

Saturn is your skin, hair, nails, teeth, knees,

and skeletal system

Saturn is depression, negativity, loneliness,

Saturn rules seclusion, confinement, solitude, isolation,

Saturn rules fear, doubt, uncertainty

and insecurity in general

Saturn rules morgues, cemetaries and coffins

Saturn is the cube and the color black

and the number 8

Saturn is failure and misery,

and learning the hard way

Saturn is ugliness and deformity

Saturn is arthritis, gout, skin problems

inflammation, and chronic ailments in general

Saturn is sensuality, sadomachism,

and sexual perversion in general

Saturn is quality and endurance

Saturn is logic, reason, and practicality,

as well as economy and usefulness

Saturn is Satan, Santa, Yahweh, Yaldabaoth, and Satna Kumara

Saturn is also Saturday or the Sabbath,

and the Jews and the Talmud

Saturn rules accountants

Saturn rules geometers

Saturn rules aging and old people

Saturn rules agriculture and agrarians

Saturn rules ambition and achieivement

Saturn rules architects

Saturn rules archeologists

Saturn rules fasting and ascetics

and hunger and emaciation

Saturn is roads, sidewalks, concrete, and asphalt

Saturn rules hearing, deafness, and the ears

Saturn rules leather and leather products

Saturn rules doors and walls

Saturn rules locks, keys, keymakers, and locksmiths

Saturn rules borders and barriers

Saturn rules salt and bitterness

Saturn rules snow, ice, blizzards,

and cold and dry in general

Saturn rules breaks

Saturn rules stoppages, and obstacles,

Saturn rules buildings and dwellings in general

Saturn rules business and politics

Saturn rules cabinets, shelves,

and compartments in general

Saturn rules carpenters...

...and lumberjacks

Saturn is carpets, tiles, shingles,

and coverings in general

Saturn is caves, holes, ditches,

and entrances in general

Saturn rules gates

and entrances in general

Saturn is celibacy and barreness

Saturn rules censorship and prohibition

Saturn rules common sense

Saturn rules hatred and contempt

Saturn rules body odor and bad breath

Saturn rules cavities and decay

Saturn rules customs and traditions

Saturn rules dams, pipes, and aqueducts

Saturn rules clogs and impediments

Saturn rules quitting and defeat

Saturn is dirt and slovenly attire

Saturn is discount, saving, and economy

Saturn is dullness and stupidity

Saturn is hermits

Saturn is introverts and shy people

Saturn is hibernation

Saturn is hiding

Saturn is ambition, planning, and success

Saturn is jails and prisons

Saturn is junk and junk dealers

Saturn is lead and limestone

Saturn is loss and grief

Saturn is hammers and mallets

Saturn is masons and masonry and cement

Saturn is death and mortality

Saturn is pain and numbness

Saturn is history and the past, custom and tradition

Saturn is the poor and needy

Saturn is punishment and reward

More Things Ruled by Saturn (from The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills)

abandoned places, abbeys, abbreviation, abnegayors, aches(dull), acids and acid workers, acoustics, acreages, adhesives, adrenals, adynamia, affidavits, afflctions, agrarians, agues, air conditioning, aloofness, anchors, animosities, ankylosis, antimony, antipathy, antiperistalsis, anti phlogistics, antipyretics, anxiety, apathy, apprehension, arrests, arteries(hardening), articulations, asbestos, ashes, aspen trees, asthenia, astringents, atrophy, auditory, austerity, avarice, aversion
backwardness, bailiffs, ballasts, bankruptcy, bans, barbarians, barley, barnacles, barren ground, basements, bases, bashfulness, basic utilities, basics, beards, bears, beasts of burden, beech trees, Beelzebub, beets, beggars, begrudging, Belial, belittling, belts, bereavement, birds of prey, black, blemishes, blindfolds, blood clots, bones in general, boots, boredom, bottles, bottom, brevity, brine, brown(dark) bruises brutality, brutes, buckthorn trees, burdens, burials, burrows, burrowing animals and reptiles, buttresses, buyers, buying and selling
cabinet makkers, caches cadavers, cads, calamites, calcium, calcification, calculation, calenders, callousness, calm, camels, cancer(skin) captivity, capives, carbon, carbonic acid, carpet buyers, carrion, cartilage, Cassiel(angel), castigation, castings, casualties, catabolism, cathedrals, cattle, cattle raisers, caution, cavemen, cellars, cemetary workers, centripetal force, ceramics, ceremony, cessation, chalk, chemists, chicken houses, chilblain, chills, chimney-sweeps, chiropractors, chronic ailments, chronometer, churchyards, circulation(inpediments), civil engineers, civil service,clamps, clay, clocks, clock makers, cloisters, clothing(dark/work), clotting, clowns,clumsiness, coagulation, coal, coal mines and workers, coalescence, coins(old), colds, colors(dark/dreary), comfrey(herb), commodities, common sense, compendiums, compilations, compression, concentration, conciseness, concussion, condemnation, condensation, congealment, congestion, conscientiousness, conservative, consolidation, constancy, contipation, constraint, constriction, construction, consumption, contemplation, contempt, contraction, contractors, conventionality, convents, coroners, corpses, corrosion, coves, covetousness, cowards, cowardice, cow-barns, crags, crosswort(plant), crucifixions, cryogenics, crystallization, crystals, curtailment, cutaneous disorders, cuticles, cynics, cypress trees
darkness, day workers, deacons, debasement, debilities, debits, decadence, deceit, deceivers, decrepitude, defects, defensiveness, deficiency, defecits, deflation, degeneration, delays, deliberation, demotions, denial, density, dental problems, depletion, deposits(mineral), depreciation, depression(emotional), deprivation, derangements(physical), desertion, deserted places, despair, despondency, destitution, detention, deterioration, deterrebts, devitalization, difficulties, dikes, dilapidation, diligence, diminishing, disablement, disasters, discipline, discomfort, discontent, discretion, disdain, diseases(chronic/festering), disgust, disintegration, dislocation(of bones), dismay, dissatisfaction, distress, doggedness, dogmas, donkeys, doom, dormancy, doubt, downfall(one's), draftsmen, dross, drudgery, dry skin, dumps(rubbish), dunces, dungeons, dunghills, duty, duties, dyes
earth, earth products, ebony, economics, eczema, elevators(grain), elimination(through the skin), elm trees, embargoes, encumberences, endings, endurance, engineers(civil/industrial/mining), envy, ephemerides, epidermis, epitaps, essentials, estates, excavation, exclusion
fading, failure, faithfulness, fallow ground, falls(bodily), fall from grace, famine, farms, farmers, fasting, fatalism, fatalities, fatherhood, fatherlands, fatigue, febrifuges, feces, feebleness, felons, felonies, fences, festering diseases, feuds, fidelity, fields in general, fixtures, flaxweed, fleawort, flint, foreclosures, formation, fortification, fortitude, forts and fortresses, fossils, foundations, fractures(bone), frameworks, freezing, freight, fretfulness, friends(long time), fright, frigiditty, frost, frostbite, frowning, frugality, fruit(dried), frustration, fumitory, fundamentals, funerals and funeral workers
galena, gall bladders, gall stones, gallows, gangrene, garages, garbage and garbage collection, gardens and gardeners, garters, gaskets, gas masks, geology and geologists, ghettos, glaciers, gladwin(plant), gloom, gloves, glues, gonads, gout, government in general, grain and grain workers, granite, graphite, gravel, graves and grave workers, gray, greed, grief, grinding, grounds, growths grudges, guarantrrs, gypsum
habits, halitosis, handcuffs, handicaps, hangmen, harbors, hard things, hardening, hardships, hardware, hard work, harm, harness, harshness, hashish, havens, hearses, heavyness, hemlock, hemp, herbs(bitter), hesitation, hides(skin), hindrances, hindsight, hives, hoarding, homeliness, hooks, horns, horology, horror, horsepower, horses(work), hostages, humidity, hunchbacks, hydrchloric acid, hyperacidity, hypochondria
icebergs, ice cream, ignorance, illness(chronic)immobility, immovable, inpenetrability, impervioubness, impetigo, impoliteness, impossibilities, improbabilities, inclemency, indebtedness, indelibility, indispensibility, indivisibility, induration, inertiam inert gas, infantile paralysis, inferiority/complexes, infirmities, inflexibility, ingratitude, inhibition, injuries, ink, insolubility, insolvency, integrity, interiors, intolerance, introspection, invalids and invalidism, itching, itemizing
jackasses, jails, janitors, jaundice, jealousy, jeers, Jews, joints(of the body), junctions, kidney stones, killjoys, kinks, kneeling, knees, kneecaps, knells
labor in general, laggards, lairs, lamentation, land,languor, latches, lateness, leanness, leprosy, levees, ligaments, limitations, listening, lithemia, lithiasia, loads, loitering, long ties, Lucifer, lupus
malaria, malevolence, malice, martyrs,materialism, mathematics, meager pay, measurement, meditation, melancholy, mercenaries, millstones, minerology, minimums, misers, misfortune, mistrust, monasteries, monks, monogamy, monotony, monuments, morbidity, mortar, mortgages, morticians, mortification, mosses, motionlessness, mounds, mountains and mountain climbers, mourning, mud, mules, mummies, mute
narrowness, naturalness, necessities, negation, neglect, Negroes, nerves(peripheral), nervousness, night workers and watchmen, nightshade(plant), non-committment, non-communicatedness, nuns, nunneries
oak(poison), oats, obedience, obituaries, obsolescence, obstructions, occlusions, ointments, oldness, oynx, opacity, open country, oppression, ordeals, orderliness, ores, organization, orthodoxy, orthopedics, ossification, osteology, osteopathy, overalls
pain in general, paleness, paleontology, palsy,pansies(flowers), papulae, paralysis, parapets, parchment, parishes, parsimony, parsnips, pathos, patience, patterns, paucity, paupers, pauses, pavements, peasants, pebbles, pennance, pens(animal), pensiveness, penury, perishing, peristaltic, permanence, persecution, perserverance, persimmons, persistence, pessimism, petrification, pickles, pigmies, pigs and pigsties, pinching, pine trees, pits, places(abandoned/hard to reach or find), plain, plantain, plaster, pliers, plows and pllowing, plumbing, poise, poison ivy, police, polio, popes, popla trees, poppies(black), possessiveness, posterity, pottery, poverty, precaution, precipitation, precision, predecessors, prejudice, pressing, prevention, priests, privacy, produce, profession, property, protectiveness, prudence, prudery, prunes, pruritus, prussic acid, psoriasis, purses, pyramids
qualms, quarantines, quarries, querulousness, quiet
raincoats, ramparts, ranches and ranchers, rationale, razing, real estate, recapitulation, receding, recesses(dark), recession, recluses, reduction, refrigeration, refrigerators, refuse and workers, regression, regrets, regularity, rejection, relatives, reliability, relics, reluctance, remainders, remorse, remoteness, renal stones, repentance, repose, repression, reprieving, repudiation, resentment, reservation, reservoirs, residue, resistance, responsibility. restraint, restriction, retardation, retention reticence, retirement, retraction, retreats, retrogression, retrospection, retroversion, returning, reunions, revenge, reversion, reversal, rheostats, rheumatism, rickets, rigidity, rigor, rocks, roots, routine, rubbish, ruins, rye, ryegrass
saddles, sadness, sand, Saturday, savagery, scabies, scabs, scales, scarcity, scavenging, sclerosis, scolding, scorn, scruples, sculpture, sculptors, seclusion, secretion, secretivity, sedatives, sediment, sedulity, self-centeredness, self-control, selfishness, self-pity, self-preservation, selling and buying, senility, seniors, sepulchers, serfs, seriousness, serpents, servitude, severity, sextons, shabbiness, shade, shadows, shale, shawls, shelter, shirts, shoes, shoemakers, shores, shortages, shorthand, shovels, shrinkage, shrouds, sighing, silence, simplicity, singleness, sites, skeletons, skepticism, skin, skull, slavery, slowness, slums, smallness, smothering, snakes, sobriety, sodium chloride, soil, solemnity, solidity, solitude, soloists, soot, sordidness, sorrows, sourness, spades, spinach spine, spinsters, spite, spleen, splints, spoilage, squeezing, stabilization, stagnation, stalemates, staleness, stamping, starvation, stationary, statues, steadfastness. sterilization, stiffness, stillness, stockades, stoicism, stones, stoneware, stooping, stoppage, strata, strictness, stringency, structure, stubborness, studiousness, stumbling, subduing, submergence, submission, subordinancy, substance, subterrane, subways, suffering, suffocation, sulphur, summaries, supression, surveying, suspicion, synopses
tabernacles, tailoring, tainting, tanning, tar, tardiness, taskmasters, tattoos, taxidermy, tediousness, teeth, temples, tenacity, tendons, tenements, tension, tenure, termination, terminals, terror, terseness, thickening, thinness, thoroughness, thrift, thwarting, tightness, tile, tillage, tiredness, tissues, toil, tombs, toothaches, tractors, tragedy, tranquility, transplants, traps, trappers, travail, trees(old), trenches, trestles, trials, troubles, tribulations, triteness, trituration, trucks and truck drivers, trusses, tubercles, tuberculosis, tunnels, turnkeys, twighlight
ugliness, underground, underlings, underneath, underpayment, underrating, undertakers, unhappiness, unity, unluckiness, uric acid, urns
vacancy, vagus nerve, valleys, vaults, vetoing, viaducts, vtnegar, viscosity, vitriols, vocations, vows, vulcanization
wallets, walls, want, wardens, warts, watches and watchmakers, watchmen, waterfalls, weakness, weariness, wedges, weight, wells, warfs, wheelbarrows, whetstones, whips, widows, wilting, winter, woes, work, worn, worry, wrinkles
yams, yeomen, yesterday, yew trees, yokels, yokes

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