Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022-23

Mars retrograge in Gemini(Oct.31st, 2022 to Jan.12th 2023) is proving to be quite a challenge!

Mars, the planet of action and energy, turns inward when retrograding, so that there is a lot of misfiring in whatever it does. This is NOT a good time to start any new major undertaking, especially if it involves paperwork, communication, and local travel. There will be delays, misunderstandings, and false starts. Deal with what you know and concentrate on that. When Mars goes direct again on Jan. 12, 2023 you can safely and confidently start new things again.

There is a lot of fire and energy in the air right now and during the Mars retrograde period (Oct.31st 2022 to Jan.12th,2023) it will strongly interact with the nervous and respiratory system of the body, mostly in negative ways. So many people are falling sick right now from flus or respiratory infections, which is a common Mars in Gemini situation. Your mental attitude will strongly affect the outcome of any condition you have so try remain positive and hopeful.

People with personal planets in Gemini will be most affected by this transit, and the other mutable signs to a lesser degree. The whole Mars in Gemini transit is from August 20, 2022 to to March 25th, 2023 -that's over 7 months! Mars normally takes less than two months to go through a sign, so this is special indeed. Mars, which rules Aries first, acts a lot like Pluto/Scorpio when retrograding. It's the same with the other four planets traditionally ruling two signs. The Sun and Moon never go retrograde and rule only one sign each. It is believed by some astrologers/astronomers that Pluto may once have had an orbit in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and that it was at some point cast out into outer darkness beyond Neptune.

If your natal Mars is is in Gemini, then you are now experiencing your Mars return, which happens about every two years. This is your "Mars birthday" when you are pretty much able to start new projects or activities. If your natal Mars is retrograde, starting things may be more difficult or take longer, especially if Mars is also retrograde by transit. Retrograde always implies going back to finish or focus more intensely on past or present endeavors or activities. You will be a lot like a Virgo or Scorpio making sure that everything is correct and as foolproof as possible. This will be mostly in the communications, media, or internet fields, as well as local travel and interaction.

Mars transiting Gemini highlights the vital importance of ideas, learning, communication, and diversity. To a large degree, we are what we think and say. Thoughts are powerful and can kill as well as save us. This is especially so in the West where the intellect is glorified. Humanity in general is undergoing a huge mental transformation thanks in large part to the dominance of the media. Whether this is positive or negative depends on your ability to discriminate between true and false knowledge. Most are being led astray by selfish interests and corporations, but those with highly developed intuitions are gaining the most from this highly revelatory era where all knowledge is being increased or revealed exponentially.

While informational technology can be helpful in making our lives easier or more comfortable, it often comes at the cost of our health and immunity. Our atmosphere is becoming saturated with invisible waves and signals, especially in the cities, that lower or even destroy our human bio-fields and immune systems, causing many negative disorders. In truth, most of these technologies are anti-human and designed to enslave us. They are crutches for a degenerated and dumb-downed society. I would much rather prefer to live in natural and sparsely populated areas where we can develop more spiritual and organic ways of communication.

Mars in Gemini is also the Mars placement in the United States chart so that it is particularly affecting that country. The US is of course a leader in the media communications industy, and the retrograde may be playing havoc there, such as with the Twitter debacle, where it is being revisited and reshaped. This is indeed a war(Mars) of words(Gemini) we are playing and it can get pretty deep or convoluted(retrograde).

This author also has Mars in Gemini and is keenly feeling some of the negative impacts of the retrograde, such as acquiring the flu, or not being able to use the car much. Mars here may also be directly affecting the shipping industry with its square to Neptune so that products are taking longer to ship or arrive.

All of these issues and more will continue to surface under Mars in Gemini retrograde, but it should all get much better after January 12th 2023 when Mars resumes its normal forward motion.

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