Haumea in Scorpio 2022-2050 AD

Haumea has been speaking to me of late. This recently discovered dwarf plamet moved into Scorpio recently and I can feel its effects. The other dwarfs such as Quaoar and Makemake are also making themselves felt more. Not much is written about them but this will change.

Three British astrologers who have been taking a serious look at the newly discovered dwarf planets(since about 2000 AD) are Kelley Hunter, Pam Gregory and Alan Clay. You can find their sites on You Tube.

The Kuiper Belt dwarf planets all have distant orbits and therefore largely collective influences, but they can affect us personally through our more personal planets, especially if they are conjunct. Sensitives or those with high spiritual development can also easily connect to these new influences.

The most popular or officially accepted dwarf planets besides Pluto are Haumea, Quaoar, Makemake, Orcus, Gonggong, Salacia, Eris, and Sedna. Ceres is also a major dwarf planet but with a much closer orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Others include Varuna, Ixion, and others not yet named.

As of 2024-2026 AD a lot of these bodies are on the verge of changing signs signifying major collective or societal changes. Pluto moving into Aquarius for example, signifies the uncovering of scientific truths and fallacies. Sedna moving into Gemini signifies a deep dive into AI and the Web in general. Neptune moving into Aries signifies new psychic awakenings, and Haumea moving into Scorpio will be regenerating our lands and waters as well as our sexual and reproductive natures.

Haumea, discovered in 2004, is the third largest object after Eris and Pluto, and has two moons, Hi'aka and Namaka. It has an orbit of 283.12 years and an inclination of 28.21 degrees, spending an average of 23.5 years in each sign. It is reputedly football or egg-shaped and rotates end to end in just under 4 hours. Below is a telescopic picture of Haumea and its two moons, as well as a listing of its stay in the tropical zodiac signs.

Haumea in Cancer 1900-01 to 1926-28 (27 years)
Haumea in Leo 1926-28 to 1958-60 (32 years)
Haumea in Virgo 1958-60 to 1992-94 (34 years)
Haumea in Libra 1992-94 to 2022-23 (31 years)
Haumea in Scorpio 2022-23 to 2049-50 (28 years)

For a more detailed ephemeride of Haumea click here.

In mythology, Haumea is the godess of fertility and childbirth. She also had the magical ability to summon food and make the land and waters pure and fertile. In astrology, Haumea re-examines and reconstitutes the affairs of the sign in its in. In Libra, for example, it re-examined and reprioritized our relationships. Relationships that threatened our security, health, or survival were cut off.

In Scorpio, Haumea, will change our approaches to sex and occult matters based on need or survival. Sex in general has been highly curtailed due to covid and shedding fears and between those who are vaxxed or unvaxxed. The toxins in our food water and air has also had a great impact on our abilities to have sex or reproduce and will continue to do so. Many of us have been rendered impotent and infertile and families have dwindled as a result, especially in the West. Haumea will seek to correct this, perhaps through entirely new means(dispositor Pluto in Aquarius?). Polluted lands, waters, and their bounties will also seek regeneration.

Haumea, Hawaiian godess of childbirth and fertility

Hawaii, home of godess Haumea, is believed to be part of the jutting islands of the legendary Lemuria, which sank or became buried in water thousands of years ago. The Lemurians were a peaceful and agrarian society living in harmony with nature until the invaders(Atlanteans?) came in and took over. Some say it was the more recent European colonists who devastated the area. Slowly but surely the Lemurians were wiped out and their lands destroyed or appropriated. Some prophecies say the land will rise or reappear in the not too distant future, and a new golden age of humanity will begin. Is Haumea's discovery and regenerative passage through Scorpio pointing to this?

artistic depiction of Haumea and moons overlaid on map with glyph and numerology

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