The Real Birth Chart of Modern Italy

When I saw the Kingdom of Italy chart displayed on displayed on I was floored! Of course! I exclaimed(being Italian myself). This fits the Italian archetype or character perfectly!

The 1861 chart lacked any Cancer so that was out, and the 1946 chart had no Taurus or Capricorn(which are very evident in our character) so I discarded that as well. The 1871 chart had all the right elements.

I always knew the Italian peninsula coalesced around 1870 under Mazzini and Garibaldi, but wasn't sure precisely when it became official. The various states were never fully unified or integrated before that year. In fact, the process of unification began as far back as 1815, and wasn't fully completed until July 2nd of 1871 when Rome was officially declared the capital of Italy. On that fateful day, Victor Emmanuel II, personally and bravely entered the city and officially(much to the displeasure of the Pope) made Rome the capital of the now unified Kingdom of Italy.

I tried to get the time of his solemn entry into the capital and his history-making proclamation speech but to no avail. 12:30 PM, however, seems to be a reasonable time as most nations like to proclaim themselves around the noon hour. I'm sure the Vatican has the exact or correct time, and maybe that's where the chart originated from.

In any case, the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets are strikingly relevant or revealing of the true nature of the Italian people and nation. Below is a whole sign house chart for July 2nd, 1871, 12:30 PM, Rome, Italy.

I always knew or felt that Italians had a strong Cancerian nature and this is reflected by the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus in that sign, as well as the North Node, and perhaps even the MC. This sign(Cancer) is all about home and family and food and security, and that certainly describes Italians to their core. The mother is held up in high esteem and frequently rules the roost, and most true Italians will defend their moms to the death. Italians love food and cooking and with Jupiter there they do this all in a big way. They also like big homes and own lots of property. With Uranus in the mix they like their homes and appliances to be modern and up to date. Uranus here also precipitates many family squabbles and separations.

Some notes: Almost exactly a year earlier(July 1st, 1870), Canada also proclaimed its nationhood sharing many of the same planetary positions and traits of the Italian people, and is perhaps why so many Italians were drawn to emigrate here during and after World War II. The USA(July 4th, 1776) also shares some of the same planetary positions as Italy, such as Sun and Jupiter in Cancer. All three nations have the same Sun sign and within 3 or less days of each other.

Moon in Capricorn with Saturn is very serious about home and family and will discipline when necessary. They are naturally shrewd and economical and have the stamp of quality about them. They want things that will last or endure, and with Saturn dignified this applies to every aspect of their lives. They are good at keeping records both historical and political and respect law and tradition. Sadly, this also signifies lonership, as well as occasional poverty and scarcity.

Mercury is in its home sign of Gemini and we all know how talkative and gesticulative(arm and hand movements) Italians can be. They are clever, intelligent, versatile, funny, and often changeable or two-faced. They like to read and write and tell stories and are good at multitasking. They also like to drive bicycles, motor bikes, and cars and enjoy commuting in general. The postman is a popular figure in Italy. There is a youthful and childish quality about them.

Venus in Leo is the proud and haughty side of Italians. They love drama, pageantry, and entertainment in general and are good entertainers themselves. Whatever they own or buy it has to be the best, and they will rarely settle for anything less. They are playful and affectionate lovers but can be very jealous or possessive. They love to be complemented and naturally take offense at being criticized. They also like competive sports and games in general.

Mars in Libra makes Italians socially active and adept. They are good at initiating or strategizing relationships, as well as ending them. They are well-dressed and fashion-oriented, and have a sharp eye for beauty. Most all of their possessions are classy and beautiful. They make good hairdressers, decorators, sculptors, builders, and designers. They are also good debators and upholders of justice and equality. If the Ascendant is truly Libra rising it would put Mars in the first house making them feisty, poignant, and energetic.

Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus were already discussed in connection with the more personal planets. Neptune in Aries gives Italians an aggressive and self-centered psyche that needs challenge and activity. They like speed and movement, hence their addiction to fast cars and vehicles and challenging sports. They're also fascinated by heat, fire, and the color red, and passionate romance. They can be too direct or insensitive or self-absorbed.

Pluto in Taurus is obsessed with money and wealth and land and there is no doubt a flourishing underground economy in Italy. There is also a rich elitist class and conversely a poor populace, with little inbetween. This position also gives intense possessiveness and sensuality and exceptional musical or artistic ability.

There is a grand cardinal cross in the chart with at least 7 cardinal planets indicating entrepreneurship and a very active role in the world. Most of the planets are in the first half of the zodiac indicating a personal and subjective approach to life and living. Chiron is at the very beginning of spring(Italians have a gift for initiating) and the North Node at the very beginning of summer(Italy, especially its southern half, is popularly known as the "land of the sun").

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