Traditional Astrology is Only Half the Deck

Ancient astrology used all twelve planets as its interpretave tools until the Roman Catholic Church took over in the early hundreds AD. These false apostates sacked and burnt the Great Libraries which held the true or complete knowledge of astrology and other occult or scientific knowledge. Certainly they kept some of the key books which are now off limits in the Vatican Library. So only key members of the Vatican'elite know about the the invisible planets which give them great power and control.

Some of these planets were slowly reintroduced to the public in the last 240 years beginning with the planet Uranus in 1781, then Neptune in 1846, and finally Pluto in 1930. These three planets elevated astrology from its seven-planet system to ten, offering a more comprehensive view of the world and reflecting the unfolding great changes of the last few centuries. Uranus was the New World and the English dominance. Neptune was the occult and collective conditioning, and Pluto was elitism and World War. The next planet(Eris?) is Justice and World Peace, and after that comes Healing and Restitution.

The point is traditional astrologers have been practicing astrology with little more than half a deck(seven out of twelve planets), and while dual rulership works to some extent, doubling up five of the seven, it is a far cry from twelve-planet astrology where every zodiac sign has its own true or primary ruler. When Uranus was recognized as the true ruler of Aquarius, Saturn went wholly to Capricorn, and when Neptune revealed Pisces' true nature Jupiter fell mostly to Sagittarius. Then came Pluto, the true ruler of Scorpio, which left Mars to Aries. Eris, announced in 2005, may belong to Libra, leaving Venus to Taurus. Mercury and its counterpart are still uncertain.

To the traditional seven-planet astrologers I say, "Get with it, guys! You are lagging behind!" There are still more rulers to come, particularly "Planet Nine" which the Elite already knew about since at least 1983. This is why the Vatican and the elite have so much power over us -they know about the secret or hidden planets, and use them in their everyday lives and long term planning. But all of this is changing, and as their secrets are uncovered, the playing field is being leveled for everyone.

Earth is not really a planet but a plane, and it too crosses the ecliptic(dome) which makes one full turn in 24 hours. It is measured astrologically via the Ascendant or Rising degree(where the eastern horizon meets the ecliptic at birth). The ecliptic is the base or plane of the sky dome which is tilted at 23+ degrees in relation to the Earth plane.The Earth itself may be a totally flat plane, but the celestial dome is definitely spherical. All of the heavenly bodies including the stars are said(by the ancients) to be within this sky dome or just outside of it. If so, they can only be much, much smaller and closer than modern astronomers would have us believe.

Astrology is a VISUAL discipline. It concerns itself with how the heavens APPEAR from YOUR place and time. The Ascendant or Rising degree
is where the ecliptic(dome base) meets with the eastern horizon(Earth plane). The Ecliptic or planetary path is divided into twelve signs beginning at the vernal equinox(0 Aries).

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