The 10th House and Your Title

The 10th house (by sign) in astrology is often associated with your career or public standing and this has born out to be quite true. It is NOT to be confused with the MC or Midheaven which may or may not be in the same sign as your 10th house and which has more to do with identifying your parents, especially the mother.

I like to denote your 10th (whole sign) house as your TITLE, or office in life since it is naturally related to Capricorn the 10th sign of the zodiac. Capricorn likes to define, label, organize, plan, structure, and achieve and in so doing establishes a certain position, reputation, or TITLE with the public. You become known through your works or accomplishments and are given a Name or Title which accurately describes or summarizes those works. The 10th house is also your PURPOSE, GOAL, or DIRECTION in life.

When you see a book title or office designation, that is the 10th house in action. The sign on the 10th house describes the general themes to be expressed. The general goal or purpose of Libra on the 10th house, for example, is to synthesize or balance or harmonize. Additional or specific information is derived by planets in that house or those complementary (by sign) to it. The ruler of the 10th house is also important. If the ruler is in a sign incompatible to the 10th, then there will be some difficulty in achieving or expressing the themes of that house.

People with a strong Saturn (dignified, in its own element, etc.) have a knack for defining, labeling, and organizing, as do people with planets in Capricorn. They reflect the nature of the 10th house or upper diamond square. Virgo has this ability as well, but in a more subservient capacity. Capricorn being a cardinal sign is more poignant, insistent, descisive, or cutting.

Names in general are also tenth house affairs. They summarize/encapsulate the essence, meaning, or purpose of that which is named, whether it is a person, place, or thing. Numbers and numerology, which is also Capricorn/Saturn/10th house, is a way to measure or assess the underlying power or essence of names. Names are powerful, and like astrology, they can be used to categorize or define the individual.

The 10th house in astrology is determined by knowing your Ascendant or Rising Sign which is your 1st house of self and demeanor. I use whole signs so that your 1st house is always at the 9 AM position and your 10th house is always at the noon position. The 10th house is always in upper or diamond SQUARE to your Ascendant or 1st house. An Aries rising chart, for example, will always have a Capricorn 10th house, a Taurus rising chart will have an Aquarius 10th house, and so on.

Everyone has a 10th house and therefore a title, occupation, or purpose in life, even those who feel lost or uncertain as to what to do with their lives. Just make sure you have the correct Rising sign as everything hinges on this. Once you know this, you will also know your 10th house sign and everything associated with it. The 6th house has more to do with your skills or work environment and the 2nd with your income or possessions, but they are all highly interrelated.

What is your title or role in life? Look to your 10th house!

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