UK Brexit Horoscope Chart 2020

The United Kingdom officially broke away from the European Union on Saturday evening January 31st, 2020, at 11 PM British Standard Time time(midnight Brussels time). Below is the birth chart for this very historical international event.

The UK has essentially broken away from the demands of the European Union as well as its support until new treaties and deals are established within the next eleven months. In exchange, it has regained its basic sovereignity or independance and can now more freely chart its own direction.

This greater freedom and independance is typical of an Aquarian Sun(and Mercury). The rulers Saturn and Uranus are in Taurus and Capricorn respectively indicating governmental(law-making) and financial/territorial freedoms. Libra rising puts the Sun and Mercury in the 5th house so that there will be a new and powerful flow of creativity and communication in the country and among its peoples. Both the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius are highly independant, inventive, intellectual, and unique which will come to characterize the new Britain. They are also freedom-loving, rebellious, and sometimes chaotic and unpredictable.

The Moon is in hasty and freedom-loving Aries in the 7th house and the ruler Mars is in Sag so that the UK will be quick to establish new foreign relationships and trade deals, especially with the United States and Canada(both ruled by the Moon). The automotive industry as well as the steel and arms manufacturing sectors will receive a big boost under this Moon. The danger here is in being too rash or optimistic about one's abilities and prospects.

Libra Rising with Cancer Midheaven presents a beautiful and caring image to the world. Libra wants to please and Cancer wants to nurture or protect. With the MC and North Node in the 10th house in Cancer, it is the mission of Great Britain to care not only for its own peoples but the world in general. The ruler, the Moon, is in Aries indicating it will play an active and aggressive role in this respect. The ruler of the 1st house is exalted in Pisces and conjunct Neptune so that it will present a very artistic and romantic as well as beautiful facade.

Mars in Sagittarius in the 3rd house will stimulate the British peoples to be more adventurous and risk-taking, particularly in regards to traveling overseas or abroad. They will be seen by others as open, honest, and curious, but also somewhat pushy or overconfident. This position will open up tourism, publishing, higher studies or education and communication and local transit. The danger here is in pushing or forcing one's beliefs on others.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, all in the 4th, indicate much business and governmental activity, especially at home. Reformulating the nation's laws and policies will be important, as well as rebuilding infrastructure and taking care of the elderly.

Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces describes a very artistic and romantic peoples given to dance, music, cinema, film, art, and occult study. Negatively, they can easily succumb to drinking, smoking, drugs, and medication and live delusional lives. In the 6th house, Venus can indicate pleasant and lucrative working conditions but with Neptune it can all be squandered or taken away.

Uranus in Taurus indictes financial or economic change, and like all modern nations today, it will be implementing high tech into its money system. Bitcoin or new currencies may be created or used to function ecomnomically, and computers will be the basis for it all. Earthquake activity may neccessitate the redrawing of land borders both here and abroad and new technologies may be needed for food and crop production. On a personal note, this position produces tough and sturdy peoples who are stubborn and sensual and materialistic. In the 8th house, Uranus freely explores sex and the occult and the afterlife and makes surprising discoveries here. Liberation from death is sought after and often acheived. There is also sudden gain or loss from investments and inheritances.

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