The Pluto in Cancer(1912-1939) Generation is Dying

Generations come and go and Pluto is a key player in the generation demarcation process. Hardly any Pluto in Gemini(1882-1914) people are still alive(that we know of). They left us with their exceptional books and knowledge and local travel and communications systems (phones, radios, newspapers, typewriters, trains, planes, and automobiles). Negatively they were also great thieves, lyers, and con men. We salute and bid them farewell.

The Pluto in Cancer(1912-1939) generation was(and still is) the pillar of home, family, and security in most societies around the world, but its natives are very old now(in their 80's, 90's, and 100's), and have basically handed the reigns power over to the Pluto in Leo (1937-1958) generation(now in their 60's, 70's, and early 80's). The latter generation is more concerned with love and entertainment than security or domestic issues.

There were three main subgroups in the Pluto in Cancer generation: the first and shortest(parts of 1912 to 1915) had Neptune as well as Pluto in Cancer making them strongly domestic and patriotic. The second and largest group had Neptune in Leo(1914-1928) and were part of the "Hollywood" generation, enamored with fame, glory, and entertainment in general. The third and second largest group had Neptune in Virgo(1928-1939) and was much more practical and service-oriented(many of whom are still alive today).

All three groups share a profound loyalty and dedication to home and family and are very security concious and survival-oriented. Like the crab, they recoil from threat or danger, but can snap back with their powerful claws. The Pluto in Cancer generation has mostly positive traits(Pluto does well in it's ninth house sign of Cancer), but I would say that their greatest weakness or undoing is their inordinate love food which can literally kill(Pluto) them. This generation, more than most, has become highly subject to the ravages of cancer(the disease), due to their poor choices or uncontrolled appetites. They can learn better food practices from their Pluto in Virgo offspring but most, it appears, will not listen or change their ways.

The Pluto in Cancer generation has also given us social security, family aid, welfare, soup kitchens, and most kinds of insurance. They're also unbeatable cooks, restauranteers, food purveyors, home builders, real estate agents, and public officials. They have a knack for what the public wants or needs and capitalize on it. Perhaps most importantly of all they make exceptional parents and homemakers who instill their values to their children. When they're all gone, family values and domestic security will greatly suffer(as is already happening). With the Pluto in Leo generation in control and Pluto transiting Capricorn, there will be greater tyranny and government control, and the traditional concept of family may change greatly or even disappear.

Typical affluent American home setting of the late 1950's. Robert Young and Jane Wyatt(Pluto in Gemini) are no longer with us.

It would be nice to have all the Pluto generations living side by side, offering a more balanced and complete state of the world, but this would require that each of us live 300 years or more(as in the days of Noah), and if there is another official planet out there with a longer orbit(Eris?), then we would have to live even longer. At most, there are four to seven different Pluto generations(this varies because of Pluto's irregular orbit) in any given time period. Today, because of Pluto's shortest transit through its home sign of Scorpio(1984-1996), we are living amidst seven(out of twelve) Pluto generations, namely Pluto in Cancer(1912-1939), Leo(1937-1958), Virgo(1956-1972), Libra(1971-1984), Scorpio(1983-1995), Sagittarius(1995-2008), and Capricorn(2008-2024) -years overlap due to retrograde motion.

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