Which Astrological Signs Do You Look Up To?

In astrology, the sign or element ahead of yours is what you respect or look up to. For Aries, for example, Taurus and the earth signs in general are what you respect or look up to, for Taurus, its Gemini and the Air signs, and so on. Why is this so? Progression.

Progress is everything in life. We are here to learn and grow, and the zodiacal wheel is so configured that what is ahead is what we are striving for and what is behind is what we are leaving. It's like reincarnation with your 12th house and past lives under your belt and your second house and future lives goading you on.

Virgo, for example, is associated with being precise or perfect, but Virgo is far from this. Virgo STRIVES to be perfect, but does not reach it until he or she crosses over into Libra. For Virgo, Libra and the air signs represent perfection achieved, and that is why there is respect or admiration. The earth signs in general see the air signs as attractive and accomplished; all of them admire the beauty and social charm of Libra, the intellect and versatility of Gemini, and the genius and uniqueness of Aquarius -the very traits they themselves lack. Matter reaches its perfection in air which is perhaps why Saturn(Capricorn) is exalted in Libra, or Mercury in Aquarius. The perfect physical beauty of Libra, for example, did not become so haphazardly, but is the result of Virgo's hard work and unmatched attention to detail, Taurus' ability to appreciate and evaluate, and Capricorn's ability to sculpt and maintain(manage) the overall structure and form.

The air signs look up to the water signs because intuition is superior to intellect. Intellect is a child compared to its mother-intuition. The air signs are intelligent and social but for its own sake. The water signs bring or use the air qualities to their fruition or end result. Libran beauty is more than to be simply admired aesthetically, it is to be enjoyed and consumated in the act of passion or sex(Scorpio). The social or mating skills of Libra are given grounding or purpose when raising a family(Cancer) -which is every Libran's ultimate goal. The Libran desire to unite or merge finds its ultimate expression in Pisces, the sign of merging, which is perhaps why Venus is exalted here. Gemini's hyperactivity, both mentally and physically, is quelled by the act of eating(Cancer), drinking(Pisces), and sex(Scorpio), or intense emotional stimuli in general. The Aquarian search for truth can be satisfied through Piscean psychic(akashic) and intuitive disclosure. Cancer's strong intuition can find the best way to employ the genius of Aquarius, and Scorpio's x-ray vision and depth can easily figure Aquarius out and successfully steer him or her in the right direction.

The water signs look to the fire signs for their purpose and direction. Cancer looks to Aries for overall direction. Aries teaches Cancer to look forward and take action rather than staying inert, fearful, or stuck in the past. Leo can help Cancer build its values and finances, and Sagittarius teaches Cancer ethics, efficiency, and how to stay healthy(exercise and diet). Scorpio rarely bows down to anyone, but Leo may be an exception, especially where career matters are concerned. Leo often ends up being a boss or authority figure to Scorpio, strongly affecting its destiny. Sagittarius tries to uplift or enlighten Scorpio's dark ways and can help financially. Aries knows what makes Scorpio work and employs this sign effectively. Scorpio learns to be more efficient and productive under Aries. Pisces' laissez-faire attitude is corrected by Aries who demands action and results. Aries also supports or helps Pisces financially. Pisces looks up to Leo for better efficiency and health, and to Sagittarius for career guidance. Sagittarius tempers Pisces' mystical or spiritual leanings with a good dose of ethics or morality.

Finally, the fire signs look up to the earth signs for their purpose and development. Fire is spirit or life force which needs matter(the earth signs) to ground or express in. Fire or spirit needs to DEFINE itself and this is done through earth or matter, and more specifically through a physical body. We are all incarnated spirits expressing and learning through bodies, and this is basically the relationship between the fire and earth signs in astrology. Aries is the baby, Leo is the child, and Sagittarius is the teenager -all need the stern hand of matter to help them grow and develop. Capricorn is the sternest of the earth signs, giving Aries direction and purpose, giving Leo skill and health advice, and making Sagittarius more resourceful and productive. Virgo disciplines Sag and gives it direction. Virgo assesses Leo and offers ways to be more practical and resourceful. Virgo sees Aries' faults or debilities and tries to fix or correct them. Taurus is important for Leo's career, standing, or direction in life. Taurus galvanizes the Aries energy and uses it to produce. Taurus trains Sagittarius to be more skilled and efficient.

These sign comparisons work not only with Sun signs but between Moons and Mercurys and Jupiters or any inter-planet combination so that there are many levels of play between two or more individuals. The signs and elements those planets are in are the key to the interpretation.

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