How the Zodiac Signs Work

Every sign of the zodiac has a particular way of working, as denoted by that sign's 6th house.

The 6th house is the natural house of Virgo, which is the sign of working, servicing, analyzing and repairing. It can also tell you about your health and grooming habits. The ruler of the sixth house will give you more information.

So, for example, if you have the Sun, Ascendant, or a personal planet in Aries -you work and analyze like a Virgo. A Taurus works and analyzes like a Libra, and so on. (Note: Your Mercury sign also has a lot to say about how you work or analyze).

Below are short descriptions on how each of the Zodiac Signs works and analyzes.

Aries: Your 6th house is Virgo, so you work and analyze like a Virgo; your methodology is critical, orderly, punctual, and fastidious. At work you have a regular routine and stick to it. You are timely, punctual, and perceptive, paying careful attention to detail, and are likely to employ the latest technical gadgets. You're likely to be involved in a practical, hands-on trade such as technician, engineer, repair person, cleaning and sanitation, food preparation, veterinarian, doctor, dentist, nutritionist, optician, statistician, and general trades worker. You are careful and meticulous about your health, diet, and grooming and like to exercise, train, or work out. Virgo makes your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Taurus: Your 6th house is Libra, so that you need a pleasant and harmonious working environmnt. You have a keen eye for beauty and balance making you a good artist, decorator, designer, or fashion expert. At work you have a pleasant and agreeable manner and seek the cooperation of others. You work best in a partnership where you can share or compare ideas and methodologies. You hate conflicts or arguments in the workplace and often find yourself in the role of a mediator. Too much sugar or sweets can wreck your health and you may develop diabetes, lower back, or kidney problems. Libra is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Gemini: Your 6th house is Scorpio making you very particular or selective about your work and giving you an all or nothing attitude towards it. You are secretive about what you do and your job is likely to entail deep research or investigation. You are often involved in matters dealing with sex or criminality or some hidden or occult activity. You could also work as an investor, tax collector, or financial consultant. You could also make a good thief, swindler, or lawyer. You can become obsessive about your health and may suffer genital or sexual problems. Scorpio is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Cancer: Your 6th house is Sagittarius making you open, expansive, and ethical at work. You encourage freedom, trust, and goodwill among your co-workers and they look out for you in return. You take risks at work but luck often sees you through. You have a 6th sense about who is lying or telling the truth. You study for your job which often involves travel to distant places. Learning different languages or cultures is crucial to the success of your work. Outdoor activity is important to your health. So is being honest or true to yourself. Health problems can center around the hips, legs, liver, and arteries. Sagittarius is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Leo: Your 6th house is Capricorn so that you are very serious and organized when it comes to your work. You work quietly and tirelessly and always have an end in mind. You seek respect and recognition for your services, which are usually of high quality. You do well as a manager or controller of building projects, business organizations, or political campaigns. You are also good at numbering, defining, compartmentalizing, timing, and organizing in general. You are careful, thorough, and persistent and get the job done. You are also economical, shrewd, and often severe, but always just or fair. You work long hours and can suffer burn out or depression. Health weaknesses include the bones, joints, arthritis, hair, and skin. Capricorn is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Virgo: Your 6th house is Aquarius, so that your working routine is anything but structured. You thrive on chaos or the element of unpredictability, and your schedules rarely work out as planned. Your work needs to be different or exciting and ahead of its time. You're usually involved in the sciences or advanced technology such as astronomy, engineering, TV, computers, or the internet. Your work needs to be challenging, truthful, liberating, and beneficial to humanity. You hate being ordered or told what to do so are better off working for yourself. Your style is independent, original, and inventive. Health problems can involve the shins and ankles and the blood circulation. You seek to better your health through the latest medical or scientific advances. Aquarius is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Libra: Your 6th house is Pisces, making you very sensitive or emotional at work. You have good visual powers of analysis and would do well as an artist, dancer, designer, photographer, decorator, and painter or color picker. Your fine intuition can also make you a good counselor, consultant, psychologist, and match-maker. You have a 6th sense about what works or doesn't. Your co-workers find you to be impressionable, dreamy, and mysterious yet kind, adaptable, and sympathetic. You often suffer from illnesses that are hard to diagnose and are psychsomatic. Sleeplessness or problems with the feet or fluids in the body are common. Your best employee, tenant, or doctor is Pisces.

Scorpio: Your 6th house is Aries, making you very active and enterprising at work. You like to get things done quickly or right away and can get impatient with people who are slower than you. You seem to have inexhaustible energy and drive at work and it is one of the few places in your chart where you can be completely open and honest. You are passionate about your work and inspire others to be the same. Mars or Aries fields such as mechanics, boxing, self-defense, car racing, guns and arms, policing, campaigning, or anything requiring initiative or entrepreneurship appeals to you. Migraines or headaches as well as eye, nose, or facial problems can bother you. Aries is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Sagittarius: Your 6th house is Taurus making you a slow but reliable and resorceful worker who is good at evaluating or assessing. This opens up the fields of banking, commerce, ownership, selling, importing and exporting goods, farming and growing(especially fruit), building and construction, food and sex, and arts and entertainment. You want and create quality services and products that satisfy and last a long time. You can get into a rut and don't like change much and can be very stubborn about how you do things. Voice, neck, jaw, and throat problems are common. Taurus is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Capricorn: Your 6th house is Gemini. Your work is highly mental or communicative -lots of writing, calls, texting, paperwork, or email. Moving around locally is also a big part of your job. A good education, as well as diversification and multitasking are important for your success. You probably work two or more jobs and change them frequently. You find it difficult to commit to one type of job as your skills and interests are many. You are always learning and upgrading. Problems with your hands arms, lungs, and nervous system in general is common. Gemini is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Aquarius: Your 6th house is Cancer, making you sensitive to the needs and wants of others. You are moody and emotional at work and need to feel secure or familliar with your surroundings. Working at/from home or for relatives and family is best for you. Parenting, caretaking, food servicing, restaurants, housing, sheltering, or nurturing of any kind are good jobs for you. You are popular with the public and can rally for their needs making a good public official or representative. Women will be important or play key roles in your work. You have an instinct for when you'll be hired or fired. Problems with the stomach, alimentary canal, or womb are common. Cancer is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

Pisces: Your 6th house is Leo. Your work needs to be important and/or creative. You need to shine or be recognized for what you do and can exercise a great deal of authority here. Work fields include acting, entertaining, role playing, theatre, stage work, government and law, managing, directing, producing, creating, and displaying. You are seen by co-workers as warm and generous and loyal, but can also be childish, bossy or domineering. Problems with the heart and back are common. Light, sunshine, warmth, love, and self-integrity are important to your overall health. Leo is your best employee, tenant, or doctor.

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