January 6th 2021:
Judgement Day for America

January 6th 2021 will be an epic day in the history of the United States and perhaps the world. This day at 1 PM EST is when congress convenes to assess evidence against the election fraud, and there's plenty of it. It's also when hundreds of thousands or more citizens, patriots, and others will converge around the White House to show their support for Trump's re-election. No doubt Antifa and other opponents will be there as well.

If all goes according to plan, The truth bombs will start to be released, the arrests will start to be made, and a new American Revolution will begin. The swamp won't go down without a fight however so things might drag on or even get messy. On Jan.6th, the Moon will be in Libra, so proceedings as well as the rally might go off fairly peacefully. The rest of the period leading up to the 20th (day of the inauguration), however, will likely be a wild one, and it would be wise to make preparations for this as the showdown reaches a crescendo. Make sure you have enough food and provisions, especially if you live in one of the blue state cities.

Astrologically, this period is reflected by the great planetary square alignment between Mars-Uranus and Jupiter-Saturn which occurs exactly between January 6th and 20th (see diagram below).

Mars, the trigger planet, enters Taurus and starts to conjoin Uranus on January 6th at 5:28 PM EST, and the conjunction will become exact on Jan.20th, at 3:38 PM EST. After this, the tension will start to decrease but will remain in effect (by sign) until March 3rd, 2021. The signs of Taurus and Aquarius indicate a conflict between truth/freedom and money/wealth. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius indicate global changes towards truth and freedom whereas Mars and Uranus in Taurus indicate the implementation of universal financial changes(reset), and both will be at odds with each other. This means most of us will have to choose between freedom/truth and the new financial system.

There is much talk in alternative sites that Trump and his forces in co-operation with other world leaders have already taken down the cabal and that this will slowly be revealed to the public. There is also talk about Nesara/Gesara and the release of incredible technologies in the next few years that will benefit all of humanity. I hope this is true, but until I start to see public evidence of this I will keep my fingers crossed.

Anyway you look at it, we are in for a turbulent 2021 and beyond.

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