Are You A Subjective or Objective Type Astrologically?

The 12-sign zodiac can be divided in many ways to yield many different facts about yourself and others. All of these divisions are valid and give you a different view or perspective of things.

The most popular or well known are the elements and modes; how many planets do you have in fire, earth, air, or water, which determine the main qualities of your nature, or how many are in cardinal, fixed, or mutable signs which determines your modus operandi. There is also masculine and feminine(odd/even, positive/negative, extroverted/introverted, etc.) and the six axes or polarities(identity, resource, knowledge, foundation, love, and service). All these different categories are obtained by dividing the number 12 by 2,3,4, and 6.

There is another way to divide the zodiac that is based on sign succession beginning with Aries. The most simple of these is the first six signs versus the last six signs, or subjective versus objective. Other divisions are the spring, summer, fall, and winter signs, and the primordial(Ari to Can), individual(Leo to Sco), and universal(Sag to Pis) signs. Finally, there are binary pairings such as Ari-Tau, Gem-Can, and so on. These categorizations are also based on the divisibility of the number 12.

Subjective and Objective:

Subjective Signs
Objective Signs
AriTauGemCanLeoVirLibSco SagCapAquPis

The first sign in each category is the key to defining it. Aries starts the subjective signs, making them more interested in self or self-development. With two fire signs, two earth signs, one air sign, and one water sign, they like to deal with immediate or practical matters rather than abstract or long-term. They are simple and direct yet tangible or concrete. They can also be very basic or crude and lack sensitivity or refinement. Basic workers such as mechanics, firefighters, the military, construction workers, truckers, drivers, cleaners, garbage disposal, plumbers, food purveyors, farmers, growers, dentists, doctors, careworkers, entertainers, sports people, trainers, comedians, salesmen, delivery people, postal workers, vets, technicians, tradesmen, etc. often fall into this category. If you have the majority of your planets in the first six signs(including your Ascendant) then you are a subjective type.

Libra starts the objective signs making them more sociable or people-oriented. with two air signs, two water signs, one fire sign, and one earth sign, this group is much more refined and sensitive and interested in the larger picture of things. They are also generally more interesting, complex, socially aware, and group-oriented. This group is dominated by the intellect and the emotions. Social workers, artists, musicians, designers, programmers, overseers, educators, specialists, teachers, psychologists, astronomers, astrologers, scientists, government people, publishers, researchers, investigators, investors, politicians, managers, planners, travel experts, lawyers, counsellors, mediators, importers, exporters, mapmakers, theorists, ideaologists, spiritualists, occultists, etc. often fall into this category. If you have the majority of your planets in the last six signs, then you are an objective type.

A fabulous treatise on the zodiac, its divisions or categories, and their meanings is described in the classic work "Astrology", by Ronald C. Davison(1963).

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