Astrology is the Science of Life

Astrology is an empirical system of correspondences that has been denied its greatness or importance in this modern era. It provides a beautiful and exquisite framework for understanding God's Creation through a language of symbols or archetypes we call the signs and planets. It is based on the number twelve and its divisions: 2 genders of six signs each, 3 modes of four signs each, 4 elements of three signs each, 6 polarities of two signs each, and finally the individual twelve signs. Each sign or energy is expressed through one of the twelve planets or bodies making for 24 symbols in all.

It all begins with the element called ether, prana, or plasma, which contains all the elements and modalities. Plasma or ether at its purest is called Spirit or Life Force and is characterized by the fire signs in astrology. Plasma or ether at its densest is called Matter and is characterized by the earth signs in astrology. Fire or light is life while earth or matter is death. The two could not be more different so that when they meet intermediaries are created to bridge the gap. These intermediaries are water/soul, which is the lower or night expression of fire/spirit, and air/mind, which is the higher or day expression of earth/matter. The air part of earth appeals to fire and the the water part of spirit appeals to earth. In this way, a working relationship between all elements is established.

The two basic elements of life, spirit and matter, create the third and fourth, soul and mind.

Each element is further subdivided into three modalities each providing greater diversity and interplay. Fire or Spirit, for example, can be active or dynamic(cardinal), placid or static(fixed), or changing and adaptable(mutable). Same for the remaining elements. This produces twelve zodiac signs, each with a unique element/mode signature, and each sign has its own particular planet or vehicle of expression(dignity). Because of the moving nature of the planetary bodies, any planet can occupy any sign resulting in the multi-varied kaleidoscope of life.

The two basic elements of life, spirit and matter, create the third and fourth, soul and mind,

and each element has three particular divisions or expressions creating the twelve signs/planets.

Why is astrology 12-based? Because this is the lowest number with the greatest possible divisions. It can be divided by 12,6,4,3,2,1 allowing the greatest variety of expression. Perhaps in the past astrology was based 10 or 8 or lower(always even), and in the future it may be 16 or 20 or greater(also always even) but for now it is 12, at least for our particular evolution. The human chakra system delineates this evolution via the number of petals. Twelve is the heart or middle chakra. This is what humanity SHOULD be expressing at but most of us are still dominated by the ego-driven ten-petaled solar plexus chakra.

The next one up after the 12-petaled heart chakra is the 16-petaled compassion and truth throat chakra which would ideally necessitate a 16-sign zodiac. Can you imagine a zodiac with 16 signs? I call this the angelic zodiac. Each sign would span 22.5 degrees and the new four signs would have to be categorized under a new mode, so that there would then be four elements and an extra fourth mode. This 4th mode, after cardinal, fixed, and mutable, would be called sentient, and be soul-based. The drawback with a 16-sign zodiac is that there would be less sign aspects possible as 16 can only be wholly divided by 16,8,4,2,1. The conjunction(1), opposition(2), and square(4) aspects(by sign) would remain, but the others would change. The octile(8), for example, would replace the sextile(6).

With greater zodiacs like the 96(third eye) or 960-1008(crown), there is no need for aspects, as each very narrow segment contains very specific traits. These zodiacs are of course reserved for the highest beings or masters and so are their planets.

It is a shame that this great science/art is not mainstream in the schools along with other similar esoteric disciplines. All of the great leaders of our society use astrology and other "occult" pracices to gulde them, including the clergy, but imuch of it generally withheld from the public or or made to look silly. This reveals the poverty and corruption of our modern academic world which represses truth in general.

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