Making Astrology Great Again

In ancient times, astrology was the universal religion or science where the maxim "as above so below" was taken very seriously, particularly in cultures such as Sumeria, Akkadia, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome. Unlike today, both astronomy and astrology were one and inseparable.

In ancient Greece, astrology reached its pinnacle, and became commonly available to the masses. It is here where the personal "horoscope" was born and used. All of the ancient philosophers such as Pythagoras and Aristotle, practiced astrology. Ptolemy(100-168AD), who based much of his his work on Hipparchus, became the most famous Greek astrologer of his time and most of today's astrology is based on his two famous works The Almagest and The Tetrabiblios. He lived in Alexandria, Egypt, where some of the most precious astrological works were later burned or confiscated by the emerging Roman Catholic Church. Ptolemy also believed in a tropical zodiac and a fixed and central Earth around which all the heavenly bodies revolved, a belief which persisted until about the 18th century AD.

In ancient Rome, both the emperor and the common masses would consult astrology for almost any endeavor, from launching a war or building a city to getting married or starting a business. Some wouldn't even leave their homes or attend a social gathering unless the planetary conditions were right.The ancient Romans were polytheistic meaning that they recognized multiple planetary dieties instead of just one God. The 12 ancient Roman gods were Jupiter(king of the gods), Juno(wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods), Neptune(brother of Jupiter and god of the sea), Minerva(born of Jupiter`s head and god of wisdom), Mars(son of Jupiter and god of war), Venus, Apollo(son of Jupiter-the Sun and music), Diana(daughter of Jupiter-the Moon and the hunt), Vulcan(son of Jupiter and husband of Venus-the forger of metals), Mercury(youngest son of Jupiter, the trickster and messenger), Ceres(sister of Jupiter and godess of the harvest), and Vesta(sister of Jupiter and goddess of home and hearth). Bacchus(son of Jupiter and Persephone and god of agriculture, wine, and fertility) later replaced Vesta. Bacchu was a shapeshifter and outsider. Pluto(Greek Hades), brother of Zeus and god of the underworld was excluded from the Roman Council of Twelve because of his ,,, innaccessibilty and thus treated as an outsider.

After the fall and sacking of ancient Rome in the 400`s AD, the Arabs picked up the pieces astrologically, and added their own flavours to it before it returned to Europe and then the Americas. While Holy Rome destroyed most of the astrological texts in the infamous Library of Alexandria(Alexander the Great`s contribution), some key texts were smuggled and preserved and are now in the Vatican underground library. Astrology`s universal popularity dwindled in the last 300 years due to the rise of scientific astronomy which is a satanic attempt to hide the truth about our cosmos. Modern astronomy is a DEAD discipline because it denies the spiritual or astral connection between the heavenly bodies and life on Earth. It has also deviously put the Sun at the center rather than the Earth and assigned ludicrous sizes and distances to all the heavenly host. Our Earth is not even a ball, but a series of flat planes one on top of each other, each plane with its own heaven and lights(see diagram below).


Our particular plane, which is the second from the center, contains the Sun and Moon which are only some 30 miles wide and less than 100 miles above us, within the dome or field that contains us. This magnetic torroidal field which emanates from the polar regions and envelops our plane is a cybernetic astrological field as well, which rotates about once every 24 hours. The Earth plane remains fixed and motionless, but the field with the signs and luminaries and lights(planets and stars) are all constantly moving. While the Sun and Moon and planets have their own variable motions, the stars do not and remain fixed in the field. That is why they are called FIXED stars! All of the heavenly bodies are the souls or higher selves of all living beings on Earth. Some are bigger and brighter and represent GREAT souls, such as the archangels(the Sun is Michael and the Moon is Gabriel). The lesser lights represent lesser souls or angels(such as ourselves).

The next larger plane or disc outward and below from us contains Venus and Mars as their sun and moon. The inhabitants there see Venus and Mars as large and bright as we see our Sun and Moon, but because of distance and the filtering of our field and theirs, we see Venus and Mars as bright stars. The next disc and field contains Jupiter and Saturn, and so on. The smaller central most plane inward and above us contains Mercury(also known as Black Sun, Nibiru, Inner Sun, etc.-according to Martin Kenny). This plane is the youngest and is the Eden or Paradise spoken of in the Bible. In the middle of Paradise is Mount Meru(formerly the Tree of Life) or Mount Olympus, upon which the Gods live. This tower or tree of life is the pivot which guides all of the heavenly bodies in their respective circuits or orbits. At the very top of the mount, tower, or tree is Polaris the North Star. There are corresponding planes BELOW the northern ones with planet Pluto(King of the Underworld) as the capstone or southern star. The whole thing looks like a diamond-pyramid enveloped in an egg-like shell. Outside of this egg are countless other egg universes.

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