Eris Is Teaching Us To Fight!

Eris, the planet of discord discovered in 2005, is teaching us to fight or stand up for ourselves and take action(Aries).

Eris has been in the tropical sign of Aries since the 1920's and will stay there until the 2040's. It has a highly eccentric orbit(45 degree inclination to the ecliptic) with an orbital period of some 557 years or almost twice the length of Pluto. It's roughly the same size as Pluto making it likely to have a major astrological influence. Many link it to Libra but this is still not confirmed. It is currently at it's farthest distance from us.

If Eris does rule Libra, then I will call it the planet of Justice, and it's position in Aries makes us all justice fighters or warriors. Newly discovered planets take time to become ingrained in our psyche or being so that we are in the early stages of incorporating the Eris influence in our lives.

People and nations who lack the Aries energy or influence will be helped by Eris in the years to come as this planet's power slowly increases. Individually, we will be learning to get off our butts and do what needs to be done. We will be learning courage and action. Nationally, we will learn to stand up for our rights and freedoms. The trucker situation is an excellent example of this.

Canadians(July 1st, 1867) have one planet in Aries(Neptune) and two in Pisces(Jupiter and Eris), so there's SOME aggressiveness but MORE apathy. The United States(July 1st, 1776), on the other hand, has NO planets in Aries, but it does have a planet in rebellious and freedom-loving Aquarius, and an explosive Mars/Uranus conjunction in Gemini. The USA natal Eris is in Capricorn with Pluto. Australia doesn't have any Aries planets either and the natal Eris is in Pisces.

I wish they would have picked a better name for it like Persephone, but that name was taken. I personally like Xena better(TV's warrior princess) as this planet is said to represent the female version or partner of Mars. Eris is the iron fist in the velvet glove, beauty backed up by strength. It fights for justice, peace, and equality.

The symbology of Eris in the sign of Aries

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