Physical Beauty in the Birth Chart

What does astrology have to say about physical beauty in the birth chart? Surprisingly, a lot. While beauty can definitely be in the eye of the beholder, certain standards or benchmarks are universally recognized, and astrology has a big role in this.

I get the impression that most astrologers look to certain planetary aspects, usually involving the personal planets(such as a prominent Venus), as indicators of physical beauty in the chart, but I have found a more simple and balanced approach.

Basically, ALL astrological placements, when well-placed or aspected create physical beauty in the native, but one placement above all has the monopoly, and that is the Ascendant or Rising Sign.

Few astrologers take the Ascendant into account when considering physical beauty(probably because it requires an accurate birth time) and this is a big mistake. Most of my readers are familliar with my take on the Ascendant, that it is in all likelihood linked to the sign of Libra -the sign of beauty itself -and I still hold to this.

Basically, the first thing one should look for is the sign placement of the Ascendant or Rising Sign. Masculine signs, or those in fire or air, are generally the most attractive placements, with Libra at the top. Leo and Sag are also quite attractive, followed by the remaining air and fire signs.

The problem with this, as mentioned ealier, is obtaining an accurate or reliable birth time. Celebrity charts can be notoriously off, giving us false impressions of what a rising sign should look like. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe (Leo rising) and Elvis Presley(Sag rising) I can bet my money on, but a big chunk of the others just don't hold.

The Moon is usually the next most obvious feature in the chart after the Ascendant, and while it can be attractive in air or fire, it is best placed in earth or water. A feminine Moon coupled with a masculine Ascendant often gives model-like features. Libra rising with Moon in Capricorn, for example, can give Barbie-like features.

Mercury is still a puzzle for me, but I have noticed that it is generally more attractive in the air signs, giving a brighter, more bubbly, youthful, intelligent, witty, and pleasing manner. You can't beat a Mercury in Libra smile!

Venus is perhaps second to the Ascendant in terms of physical beauty or desirability. It is best placed in earth or water with Taurus at the top. The physical perfection of these people when coupled with a masculine Ascendant can be amazing. In synastry, when compatible, the Venus person can give much pleasure to the Ascendant person. Venus is sexiest in Scorpio, but perhaps more desirable in Pisces(the sign of its exaltation).

Mars is best placed in fire or air with Aries(the sign it rules) at the top. Mars in fire will energize any chart, making these people strong and fearless and therefore attractive. Mars in air is more socially or aesthetically pleasing. The good qualities of a well-placed Mars will be especially obvious when coupled with a fire or air Ascendant.

Jupiter is best placed in fire or air with Sag(the sign it rules) at the top. A well-placed Jupiter adds height and bulk and a likable and moral nature to any chart making them well-sought after. They're also likely to be involved in some sporting activity making them more physically fit and attractive. This is especially so when the Ascendant is also in a masculine sign.

Saturn is not normally thought of as a planet that can add beauty, but when placed(in earth or water) it can definitely do so. Saturn's control and discipline can do wonders for the body(such as when fasting) keeping it trim and healthy. Well-placed, it also gives fine skin, hair, and bone structure. Any planet that is well-placed will contribute to the physical beauty of the person. Like the other placements, however, a well-placed Saturn's benefits will be most obvious when coupled with a masculine Ascendant.

Who says Uranus(just because it is invisible) is not a big wheel planet? It most definitely is! And it can play a striking role when it comes to physical beauty. Uranus is at its most attractive in air or fire, with Aquarius(the sign it rules) at the top. The Uranus in Aquarius generation(1995-2003) is just now flowering into maturity and will produce some of the most stunning beauties around! Of course, a well-placed Uranus is at its most striking when coupled with a masculine Ascendant. Uranus was also quite a catch in Gemini (1942-49) and Libra(1968-1975). I have seen some striking beauties with just Uranus and the Ascendant in Libra, for example.

As the true ruler of Pisces, Neptune works best in water or earth, adding much seduction or allure to any chart. Neptune was really sexy and seductive in Scorpio(1956-1970), shyly so in Capricorn(1984-1998), and fully so in Pisces(2012-2026). a well-placed Neptune is at its attractive best when coupled with a masculine rising sign

Pluto, as the true ruler of Scorpio, is at its best in water or earth, with Scorpio, of course, at the top. Pluto's distance and long stay in the signs(11 to 32 years) does not diminish its power. It adds depth, focus, and intensity, and without it there would be no such thing as an orgasm. A well-placed Pluto makes you sexually magnetic, alluring, and extremely desirable, especially if it is also coupled with a masculine rising sign. The Pluto in Scorpio generation(1984-1995) is a wonderful study into the nature of this planet/sign.

I am not sure about the Midheaven. It does seem to affect the physical appearance, but there is not enough information or research here, and if there is, it illudes me.

In summary, the more planets you have well-placed(by sign), the more physically attractive you should be, but it all starts with the Ascendant or Rising sign. I would say that a good or well-placed ascendant can account for as much as 20 to 50% of your physical attractiveness, with the other planets amounting to some 5 to 20% each, depending on variable factors.

Also, it is important to realize that physical beauty is not soley dependant on your astrological placements. Heredity, race, culture, age, education, upbringing, exercise, grooming, surgery, attitude, and other factors all play their part, but it's amazing how much influence astrology can have.

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