Mercury in Pisces: the Occultist

Over the course of my astrological observations I have noted that certain planetary positions are more disposed towards mystical or occult subjects, and Mercury in Pisces is one of them. It is a very common placement among astrologers and mystics, and this makes sense when you realize that the placement itself means "communicating that which is mystical, esoteric, occult, or otherworldly".

Mercurry is said to be in fall in Pisces, and perhaps rightly so, as Mercury, the planet of communication, seeks clear, factual, and often amusing ways to explain everything to everyone, and Pisces is anything but clear or amusing, but even here, in this sign, Mercury tries its best to convey what is almost unconveyable.

As the twelfth sign, Pisces is the final collective or dumping ground for all of the other signs. It synthesizes and merges all that is, just as Aries singularizes or individuates from all that is. While Aries is the dot, Pisces is the circle. Pisces/Neptune is the force or energy without which we would all go crazy, as it soothes, relaxes, sedates, or counteracts the pointedness or specificity of the other signs, most notably of its opposite, Virgo. It is that vast ocean that absorbs, engulfs, forgives, and forgets

Mercury in Pisces people don't speak much, they would rather telepath, and this drives the other more verbal Mercurys crazy. Only Mercury in Cancer or Pisces, or another Mercury in Pisces can tune into them readily. They work with emotions and impressions and learn best visually, musically, or where feelings are part of the process. They have very sensitive and fragile minds which need much quiet, rest, sleep, or alone time, and are very often night people. They understand the deep issues of life, the hidden things, and are natural students of the occult. They're also deeply spiritual and immaterial but they lack direction and strength.

If Mercury is receptive(in the same gender or element) to either Uranus or Neptune in the chart, this strengthens the occult or otherworldly nature of this placement. Mercury with Uranus is good for astrology and the avant-garde sciences and getting flashes of genius or brilliance. With Neptune it's more mystical than scientific and there is a strong interest or ability in music or the arts as well. With Pluto, we have the true witch or warlock, the metaphysicist, or the deep researcher. This is true to some extent for the other two water sign placements for Mercury.

The natural ruler or dispositor of Pisces is Neptune, and this planet in the chart or by transit will give further information relevant to this Mercury position. If Neptune is in Scorpio, for example, it will enhance this Mercury's psychic or investigative or sexual nature. If Neptune is in Libra, Mercury in Pisces will direct its sensitivities towards a deeper understanding of relationships and the laws of balance and harmony, and so on. As of this writing, Neptune is transiting its home sign of Pisces further sensitizing and confusing all those with natal Mercury in Pisces.

Mercury in Pisces is often branded as a "witch" by others because of their occult knowledge or understanding, but they do not see it that way. They believe they are just gifted with acute visual and psychic sensitivities which they wish to use to help others. They should always heed their intuitions which are amazingly accurate, and despite their often clouded or fuzzy thinking, they are well-meaning and kind souls who will always listen to you no matter how obnoxious you are.

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