Astrological Predictions for 2023-2025

The year 2025 is a crucial year for the world, both politically and astrologically.

Politically, Jan.8, 2025 is when the Q military operation, designed to liberate humanity from the cabal, is slated to end. This means that, sad to say, we have another two years(2023-2024) of turmoil to deal with. Hopefully it will end sooner, as nothing is written in stone, but that's the plan. So best to prepare yourself for the long haul.

Astrologically, 2025 is also when the three outermost known planets -Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all change signs at roughly the same time. This is rare and signifies major world or collective changes. You can also throw distant Sedna in which moves into Gemini as early as June 2023.

More specifically, in 2025(mean year), Uranus moves from Taurus to Gemini, Neptune from Pisces to Aries, and Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius. Because of retrograde motion, there will be back and forth movement between these signs the year before and after 2025, but 2025 is the mean or average.

The great economic crash and/or reset everyone is anticipating MUST occur while Uranus is in Taurus. This is because Uranus is the planet of big change and upheaval and Taurus is the sign of money or wealth. That means we can expect the crash/reset to occur within the next two to three years at most(2023-25), even though it's been long in the works.

Just before or when Uranus moves into Gemini in 2025 expect the United States to be embroiled in a major war or revolution, as Mars the planet of war, the Ascendant, AND Uranus(the planet of revolution) are all in Gemini in the United States birth chart. The United States was last at war in World War 2 when Uranus was also in Gemini.

When Neptune finally moves out of its 14-year stay in sleepy Pisces in 2025, and moves into wide-awake Aries, the masses will finally come out of their apathy and slumber and start to fight as they should. Neptune will remain in feisty and warring Aries until 2039.

When Pluto moves out of restrictive and controlling Capricorn and into liberating Aquarius in 2025, big government will finally die or be stripped down to its bare essentials, leaving the masses with much greater freedom and truth. Pluto will remain in Aquarius until 2043.

Eris continues to transit in Aries since the early 1920's and up to 2044/45 AD, goading us to take action where principles of justice, equality, and co-operation are concerned. It's teaching us that we can only truly function as a whole or unit. Can the hand say to the foot "I don't need you, therefore I will cut you off". Of course not. Just as the body needs all its parts, so the world needs all its nations or members. The West cutting off Russia will only make everyone suffer.

Sedna's move into Gemini(2023-24) will see us go from a monetary-based society(Taurus) to an informational one(Gemini) Knowledge will become the new currency and computers or chips will become an important vehicule for this. Sedna will stay in Gemini until 2067.

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