A Planet Between Mercury and Venus?

According to David Sereda, lightworker and researcher, there should be a planet with a period of 139.51 days between Mercury and Venus. It is an antimatter planet which means it's basically invisible and can only be seen during a solar eclipse or through special instruments. He links it to the Star of Bethlehem as well as the real Nibiru, and it supposedly appeared during the death of Christ in 31 AD as well as the Fatima event of 1917.

Below is a diagram of the main planets in our system as well as the antimatter planets calculated by Sereda.

David's Solar System diagram showing his postulated antimatter planets

Note: I have named three of his outer ones, Sigma, Chiron, and Pluto.

As you can see, most of the antimatter planets are quite small and evenly dispersed between the major ones. They're all invisible but may be seen on occasion during eclipses or with highly powerful or sensitive instruments. Planet 139 between Mercury and Venus holds the golden ratio which is used to calculate all the other ones.

Astrologically, planet 139 would be a third satelite of the Sun never moving much beyond 38 degrees from the Sun, unless its orbit is highly eccentric. This means that like Venus, it would most likely fall in the sign of your Sun or the two signs before or after it.

If this planet exists, the April 8th 2024 total solar eclipse would be a great time to spot it.

For more information watch David Sereda's recent interview with Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot.

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