Stationary Neptune Transits

Stationary planets are powerful influences of focus and depth, especially if it's an outer planet like Neptune, which can stay in the same degree for months.

In 2022, Neptune is stationary at 25 degrees of Pisces in June-July, and at 22 degrees of Pisces in November-December. It does this(goes stationary) roughly every six months. See which of your natal planets, if any, are in those degrees, and note the aspects.

In my case, transiting Neptune is in the 3rd house, in sixth house inconjunct to my Midheaven degree in June-July of 2022, and it is precisely during these two months where I find myself busy painting for my neighbours.

Neptune rules paints and chemicals, the sixth house inconjunct is work, the 3rd house is neighbours, and the MC makes it all public. Because the transit is stationary(neither direct or retrograde) the pace is pounding or unrelenting, and it only starts to ease as Neptune changes degrees.

I don't normally stress or enphasize degrees, but the evidence here is overwhelming, at least when it comes to the angles. It's also great for rectification purposes. I've had other transits hit my MC/Midheaven degree with similar demonstrable effects.

Mercury and Venus transits stay stationary in the same degree for one to two weeks, Mars for up to three weeks, Jupiter and Saturn for 4 to 5 weeks, Uranus for 1 and a half months, Neptune for 2 months, and Pluto averages about 3 months. Newly discovered Eris, currently at its farthest distance, can settle around the same degree for a hammering 6 months or more.

Stationary Neptune Aspects

Stationary Neptune conjunctions emphasize a loosening of self-issues, while oppositions deal with deceptive or dissolving relationships.

Here's where I part with conventional astrology on the the other aspects which should NOT be lumped together. The twelfth house semi-sextile aspect, for example, is NOT the same as the second house semi-sextile aspect.

Neptune in twelfth house semi-sextile aspect will strongly weaken or dilute hidden or secret aspects of the self, while Neptune in secound house aspect will drain the finances or material resources as well as your sense of self-worth.

Neptune in eleventh house sextile aspect will unconciously draw friends and group activities, while the third house sextile aspect will sensitize activities with neighbours, siblings, and everyday communications.

Neptune in fourth house square aspect activates entangling home or family matters while Neptune in tenth house square aspect brings up dubious career or public matters.

Neptune in fifth house trine aspect stimulates romantic love or sublime creative urges, while the ninth house trine aspect brings a subtle but powerful desire for travel, exploration, or higher studies.

Finally, Neptune in sixth house inconjunct aspect brings into focus delicate work or health issues, while the 8th house inconjunt aspect focuses on impending debt, complex joint finances, and deep and addictive emotional ties.


The planet(s) or factor(s) being aspected and the sign and house they're in all add more information, which I do not have the time or space to delineate here.

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