The All-Important Ascendant

The Ascendant or Rising Sign is the single most important factor in your astrology chart, more so than even the Sun or Moon. This was readily acknowledged before the 1900's but lost ground afterwards, especially after World War II, and particularly during the 1960's and 70's, when the Sun Sign was highly popularized by astrologers like Linda Goodman.

The reason the Sun Sign usually achieves greater popularity than most other factors in astrology is because it remains constant from year to year and is easy to calculate. The other faster-moving factors, such as the Moon and Ascendant are not based on just the year, but on the day and hour as well, requiring more precise and detailed calculations.

Because the Moon and Ascendant (and Midheaven) move faster through the signs, they become more personal and distinguishing in nature, and nothing is faster or more personal than the Ascendant, which can take one to two hours or so to change signs. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is so personal it colors your appearance and personality more than any other factor, with the Moon coming in 2nd. Some include the MC with the ASC as the two most personal or defining influences. The MC is little understood in astrology at this time. More study or research needs to be done here.

Just what exactly is this Ascendant sign? It is named so because this sign rises or "ascends" over the eastern horizon at birth, and changes every two hours (average). So in 24 hours, all of the twelve Ascendant signs rise over the eastern horizon, hence its other name - the Rising Sign. Twenty-four hours is our day/night cycle.

Most astrologers will tell you that this 24-hour period or cycle is related to the rotation of the Earth, but is in truth, the rotation of the electromagnetic sky dome over the Earth. This rotating torroidal field of energy is what impregnates the level Earth horizon with the twelve signs giving it its power. The Ascendant or Rising Sign therefore becomes your Earth or Terra or Gaia sign!

What is more important than the luminaries or planets or stars? Why the Earth of course, and this is signified by your Ascendant or Rising sign (the Midheaven or MC represents the Sky or Heaven). The Descendant is the opposite point of your Ascendant and the Imum Coeli or IC is the opposite point of your Midheaven or MC. These four points alone form the basic structure or foundation of your chart. All of the other factors, including Sun and Moon, take a back seat.

So the Ascendant is the real worldly you while the Sun is what you are aspiring to be. In esoteric astrology, your Ascendant was your Sun sign in the previous life and your Sun Sign now will become your Ascendant in the next life. The Ascendant is the physical/mental you while the Sun is your soul/spirit. Both are important, but here on the physical plane, The Earth/Ascendant takes precedence.

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