Polaris and the Black Sun

There is so much mystery about the Black Sun which the Illuminati and secret societies worship but little information about its whereabouts or orbit. Is it an actual body and why can't we see it? In this article I am going to try to answer these questions based on a few alternative sources. Two excellent sources are Vibes of Cosmos and Divergent. The following Divergent video gives a clear but controversial explanation of the enigmatic Black Sun. The title is "Black Sun Below Earth Through North Pole Creates Polaris, The Stars, Sun and Moon in the Dome" and the You Tube link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfGKlshCCk0.

Polaris streaming from the Black(red) Sun through the Polar Opening to the Dome

This Black Sun, like a projector, not only creates the Sun and Moon and planets and stars against the dome, but also the Moon's phases and the Eclipses. The Black Sun is the Inner Sun beneath our level Earth as well as the Inner Central Sun of all those Hollow Earth stories. Olaf Jansen in the book The Smoky God may be correct when he describes this black/red sun as the seat of Yahweh, a planetary anomaly covered in clouds with portholes at it's base through which are projected the heavenly bodies.

Why is it called the Black Sun when it is actually reddish or pinkish in color? Perhaps because as one approaches and is exposed to the rays of this sun the skin pigmentation turns dark or black, as is described in Rudy Rucker's Hollow Earth book. The book also describes The Tekelili, a race of Black people who live on the 14 Umpteen seas orbiting this anomaly. The anomaly itself is/was covered with parasitic slipper-shaped Woomoo feeding off of the light of this sun suggesting an invasion of sorts and a weakening of our realm in general.

The Black Sun is also Amen, Rahu or North Node, Isis, Apohis, Dark Star, The Invisible Sun, The Hidden One, The Terrible Serpent, etc. The names are many. This Sun is the source of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights which is the light emanating from this Sun via the North polar opening. Polaris or the North Star is supposedly the northern axial antipode of the Black Sun through and around which spin all the heavenly bodies, which means the Black Sun must be the exact opposite point.

Black Sun Symbols

Since the Black Sun through Meru and Polaris is the basis for all of the the other heavenly bodies, it must be a really big deal astrologically. How do we compute its position? While there are some that link the Black Sun to Rahu or the North Node, I present another option which is the following...

Astrologically, Polaris is, as of 2024 AD, at 28 degrees 54 minutes tropical Gemini. It's total stay in Gemini is from 0 to 2101 AD. It may or may not have an influence in our charts. What we are really interested in however is the Black Sun's astrological position which is supposedly exactly opposite Polaris, or somewhere thereabouts. This would mean that it is currently in very late tropical Sagittarius and that it goes into tropical Capricorn around 2101 AD when Polaris moves into tropical Cancer. Most of us, therefore have the Black Sun at somewhere between 27 to 28 degrees of tropical Sagittarius(1900-2025AD) which is practically the same as the Galactic Center position.

Besides Polaris North, there is also is a Polaris south(Sigma Octantis) table both of whose ephemerides you can find in my Astro Tables/Star Tables section. Octantis, as of 2024, is at 2 degrees 13 minutes tropical Capricorn, which I feel is not accurate astrologically, at least not in terms of my observations of its effects on individuals. On the other hand, the Black Sun via the opposite point of Polaris appears more accurate. I have long suspected a strong Sagittarian influence in many charts which is not accounted for via the known planets, and this influence is definitely of a feminine or motherly nature.

Whether the Galactic Center or Rift in the Dome is somehow connected to the Black Sun I cannot say for certain. One theory or possibility is that the rift or crack/opening in the dome(which we refer to as the Milky Way Galaxy) was formed when this Black Sun anomaly or the parasites around it broke through and invaded our realm and have been here ever since. They naturally gravitated towards the core or central life-giving region of our realm and do this with every other realm or world they invade.

A lot of the ideas in this article are speculative and gleaned from various sources, but the puzzle pieces seem to fit. I simply present other possibilities to what I consider to be a highly misunderstood or misinterpreted cosmos and an incomplete astrological system.

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