Eris and Libra Planets

It has been my observation that planet Eris appears to work powerfully through Libra planets, particularly Mercury in that sign. People with planets in Libra, particularly Mercury, hear the call of Eris, and it gives them a noticeable Arian coloring, even when there are are no Aries planets in the chart. This is because Eris is currently in the tropical sign of Aries, the sign of war, energy, and aggression. It is in Aries from the mid 1920's to the mid 2040's. It also strengthens the case for Eris ruling Libra.

Why are most astrologers so quiet these days about new planets, especially Eris, which rivals Pluto in both size and influence. It's been nearly 20 years since Eris was discovered(2005), and apart from the initial excitement and speculation, it's been pretty quiet ever since. Have astrologers gone to sleep? Or are they simply not talking and waiting for some official consensus/confirmation about the status of this newest of major astrological bodies? The elite of course know all about Eris but keep all the secrets to themselves. Same for Pluto which rules elitism itself. When Pluto was discovered in 1930 it took some 45 years before a consensus was achieved for the sign it ruled (Scorpio). Today, in 2024, no one doubts the Pluto/Scorpio connection. Of course the elites knew this beforehand, but they made us figure it out by ourselves. How long must we wait for a consensus on Eris which has over twice the orbital period?

Eris is highly inclined and eccentric, much like Chiron, spending over a century in tropical Aries and less than two decades in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, or Libra each. It also takes some 557 years to complete one full orbit through the zodiac. It was first named Xena after the TV warrior princess, but later to Eris the god of discord and strife and feminine side of Mars. One would not think of of Libra as being warlike, but it is a cardinal sign of force. It is forceful in a polite or persuasive manner. It is cutting and decisive, but only after long consideration or thought. I don't believe we truly understand Libra's true nature but it will become more evident or clear in time as the full energy of this sign is released.

Taurus is the dark or night side of Libra ruled by Venus and this is part of the nature of Eris as well, which is why Eris, like Venus, will have much to do with money and land and possessions, just as Pluto has much to do with the affairs of Mars/Aries(war and new beginnings). Eris is all about new lands, great wealth, and the LIBeRAtion of humanity. It's also about justice and equality. Those great tribunals for the injustices against humanity will be an Eris affair. Eris will transform the 21st century just as Pluto did the 20th century. Specifically, Pluto in Aquarius will work harmoniously with Eris in Aries (sextile relationship) to bring about incredible progress in the next 20 years. Aries and Aquarius are all about invention and freedom and newness, and Pluto and Eris are all about collective transformation.

I have noticed that people with Libra planets often display Aries-like traits and vice/versa: people with Aries planets often display Libra-like qualities. Sometimes I find Aries people more peaceful or accomodating than Libra people, and Libra people to be more aggressive or discordant! Could this be because Eris in most charts today is in its opposite sign? If you have a Libra Ascendant or Midheaven consider Eris as a ruler and see how that works. Or see where Libra or Eris fall in your chart.

Now I know why Libra takes so song to make up its mind; it is as slow and ponderous as its ruler Eris! Note: This author does not know for sure if Libra's true ruler is Eris, but there is strong evidence supporting this.

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