New Planets, New Resets

Note: the following article is largely speculative and may or may not be accurate.

One of the new terms we've learned throughout this New World Order/pandemic era is the "Great Reset" and it just occured to me that the discovery of new planets in astrology goes hand in hand with this reset process which began in the late 1700's.

The late 1700's was marked by the Industrial Revolutiuon which began in Great Britain which is the head of the Beast. It also marked the birth of the Illuminati, the American and French Revolutions, the colonization to the New World or Americas, the birth of science and technology, electricity and new inventions, and a new sense of freedom and hope.

Great Britain as the political dragon head of the Beast

All of these new beginnings were represented by or encapsulated by the discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781 in the United States(which is ruled by this planet). In astrology, Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius which is the sign of freedom, truth, science, and invention. The new continents of the Americas, symbolize this desire to be free and start anew, as the colonists did to escape the yoke or bondage of the Old World(Europe and Asia). Britain and the USA led this exodus to the New World as they did once before in ancient Egypt as Ephraim and Manasseh respectively.

Uranus/Aquarius beginning around 1750 AD was the first phase of the Great Reset for humanity after thousands of years of relative tranquility under the traditional 7 planet set up and all of its limitations. Humanity is still learning and has not yet learned to handle the extra vibrations of the new 5 planets so it repeatedly falls and then rises again. Uranus is the first new planet we have yet to master which is why few of us even live to be 84 years of age(the time it takes for the planet to make one complete orbit).

Neptune/Pisces discovered in 1846 is the second phase of the Great Reset, with its secret societies, theosophy, mud floods, oceanic discoveries, steam power, oil, photography and film, glamour, drugs, psychology, and the collective unconcious. Like Uranus, most of humanity has yet to master the Neptunian force which is why most of us are still deluded and easily decieved or duped or drugged or hypnotized. You'd have to be at least 165 years old to have one orbit of Neptune under your belt.

Pluto/Scorpio discovered in 1930(actually observed in 1914) is the third phase of the Great Reset or Developmental Journey of humanity and even less mastered than the two previous planets. Pluto is the force behind our World Wars, atomic power, sex, politics, big money, pollution, and the destruction and regeneration of peoples and societies and nations and perhaps worlds. Pluto is extremism and exclusivity. You are either in or out with no middle ground and all of us today must decide if we are with god or with satan.

The next two planets are the final two phases of the Great Reset and have yet to be confirmed or ascertained, yet we can feel their influences sharply at this time. Eris, discovered in 2005 is still in question, as is an intra-Mercurial body first observed around 2007. The fact is that since March of 2020 and the covid pandemic, the world has changed drastically, and this no doubt signals the imminent discovery or arrival of some new planet or body in the heavens to reflect this change.

Just as Uranus revealed to us two new continents(the Americas), Neptune a new ocean(Pacific),
and Pluto an unfolding Underground, could the next two planets reveal yet other new lands or realms?

There is talk now of new lands beyond Antartica or even the Arctic. Could this include the
New Germary(Schwabenland) that is now trying to impose itself upon America and the world?

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