Are You Hard On Yourself?

Are you hard-driving and disciplined? Are you organized and methodical? Do you take life seriously? Usually, planets in Capricorn or a powerful Saturn will indicate this, but there is a simple way in astrology that I have observed which is perhaps the most powerful indicator this, and that is the relationship between your natal Saturn and your natal Sun. The Sun is after all your core essence and whatever affects it is all-important. Degree aspects are unnecessary. All you need to know are the element or gender of each of those two planets in your natal chart

Rule 1: Natal Saturn in the same sign, element or gender(masculine/feminine) as your natal Sun:
These people are very Saturnian in nature. They are hard-working, disciplined, organized and serious regardless of the signs involved. Of course, if earth signs are involved there will be an extra emphasis, but it works even in air or fire or water.

1a: Natal Saturn oppose or sextile natal Sun(by sign): Saturn's severity will be focused mostly on social or relationship issues but will also spill over into all other areas.

1b: Natal Saturn conjunct or trine natal Sun(by sign): Saturn's severity is more personal here affecting the individual's character or outlook on life which will be rather serious.

In relationships, and with all of the above aspects, the Sun can have an uplifting effect on Saturn but it is usually too much work or effort, whereas Saturn may find it easy to criticize, restrict, or depress the Sun. The Sun person will eventually find a way to break free from the Saturn person or likely risk suffering a slow soul-destroying effect. This is especially so with the conjunction.

Rule 2: Saturn square, semi-sextile, or quincunx Sun(by sign): Saturn here does not interfere with the Sun's basic expression in life which is how it should be. These two planets are so different or antithetic that that they are best not mixed together, and these aspects work to create a buffer between them.

In relationships, the square may introduce some friction, but both will be aware of this and try hard to avoid any serious clash. The semi-sextile is the most natural relationship between Saturn and the Sun. The quincunx can be intriguing or frustrating. In both latter cases, however, the Sun and Saturn are in what is called an "aversion" aspect and will keep their distance.

I can see this very clearly in real life where the positive Sun-Saturn links produce people with a serious and systematic way of doing things(even with the sextile) while the negative aspects do not. Astrologers, for example, with natal Saturn conjunct, trine, oppose or sextile their natal Sun(by sign), have a more traditional or systematic approach to the subject. They like to go "by the book", whereas astrologers with natal Saturn square, semi-sextile, or quincunx/inconjuct their natal Sun do not have such a hard approach and are more liberal or intuitive.

Saturn can have a similar effect on your other planets, particularly when blended with Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Asc. and Uranus(the "masculine" planets). Planets blend when they are in the same sign, element, or simply gender(masculine/feminine). Saturn blending with Mars can restrict or slow it down. Saturn with Jupiter can limit opportunities or growth. Saturn with Mercury can slow down the thinking process or cause depression. Saturn with Uranus can cause setbacks or reversals. Saturn witn Ascendant can limit relationships or basic self-expression.

Saturn works well with the other negative or feminine planets -Moon, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, and Midheaven. Saturn stabilizes and complements the Moon, harmonizes well with Venus, realizes Neptune's dreams or visions, allies itself with Pluto, and formulates goals plans with the MC.

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