Whether it's warranted or not the covid-19 crisis has forever imprinted us with a greater respect or sensitivity for health and hygeine. Since health, hygeine, and sanitation and the impact they have on our daily lives are all heavy Virgo themes, I am lead to believe that Virgo's true astrological planetary ruler is about to be revealed. This may take some more years, but it will come. All new planets are preceded by important identifying world events before being spotted or observed astronomically. Pluto in 1930, Chiron in 1977, Eris in 2005, and soon Vulcan or whatever other name we label it.

Vulcan was always believed to be intra-Mercurial(between the Sun and Mercury) and was thought to have been spotted on several occasions in the late 1800's. More recently, at least since 2007, a new massive body, seen only in infrared light, has been observed via satelite with a 28-day orbit between Mercury and the Sun, but little or nothing has been reported about it in the mainstream news. It appears to be a second or dark sun about one third the size of our main sun with its own retinue of small planets. It may well be that Mercury, Ceres, Pluto, Eris, and perhaps even our Moon are all part of this second system within our main system(notice they are all lunar in size or nature). Some are even claiming that this is the alleged Nibiru system spoken of by the Sumerans. This second sun's orbit is highly inclined to ours which may explain the high inclinations of its satellite planets. Could this second Sun be the long-sought for Vulcan, and is it astrologically related to the sign of Virgo? Also, could the covid-19 crisis and others to follow be heralding events for this new body? It may be that both systems represent two entirely different realms or realities, such as the Deep State or Underworld in comparison to our surface world, and that there is an attempt to integrate the two.

The reason I link covid-19 with Virgo is because of all of the attention on sanitation and disease prevention which is a hallmark of this sign. Virgo is also linked with work or employment and food and sustenance which are being heavily affected by this crisis. Lockdown or isolation or distancing has more to do with Saturn/Capricorn than Virgo/Vulcan, but the main event or focus is the virus itself, which is a Plutonian thing, and it's effects or consequences, which are Virgoan in nature.

There are some interesting clues in the numerology, wording, or symbology of the covid-19 crisis which elucidate the nature of the Virgo sign. The label itself means corona(co) virus(vi) disease(d) - 2019(19). Could the hidden meaning of covid-19 be: Sun's corona(co), Virgo darkstar(vid), recognized in 2019(19)? This is just one possibility. Both Virgo and virus start with vir as do virgin, virtue, viral, virility, and virtual.

Since whatever affects Virgo/Vulcan also intimately affects Gemini/Mercury(both are traditionally linked), we can also see the impact this is having on schools, education, children, media, internet, and communicatons in general. This is the Mercury side of it which up to now has ruled over both Gemini and Virgo. Perhaps this is the beginning of the split between those two signs who will now have their very own ruler. This split can be quite disruptive in our lives as is currently manifesting all over the world. Knowledge or information and computers are becoming all-important tools for our success and survival but they can also become our destroyers. The return to natural health and living and self-sufficiency is the Virgo side of it as is medicine, disease, and sanitation. The initial effect can be extremely polaraizing breaking us up into two main camps, but eventually there will and must be a truce or compromise.

A new reality appears to be intruding into our lives that will not go away, and like all beginnings, it can be difficult, painful, or even extreme at first but in time it will moderate and find its place among us, like a new member of the family.

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