Mercury and Venus:
The Little Guys Doing Twice the Work

The planets Mercury and Venus are not normally looked at with any special awe being "everyday planets" so we kind of take them for granted, but did you know they are the only two planets still fully and officially ruling two signs each?

All of the other 8 known planets now have an official or legitimate claim over one sign each, but not Mercury and Venus. This means that these two little guys are supposedly doing TWICE the work of the other planets! If so, should they not be more important, especially in matters like synastry?

Turns out they are very important, and more than we care to admit. The Mercury/Mercury relationship has always been the primary indicator of mental compatibility in astrology reflecting the Geminian side of the planet. If it's hold on Virgo is equally strong, then it should also be the primary indicator of work-related compatibility, which it partly is. I say partly, because I find Moon/Moon and Mars/Mars compatibility to be just as important in terms of working or servicing together. Could this be telling us that Virgo's true ruler is scattered or shared by more than one planet?

Venus, on the other hand, seems equally divided between Taurus and Libra, and rules what ones likes or appreciates or is pleased by. People with incompatible Venus signs often don't appreciate or value the same things or have very different social activities. Venus in fire, for example, may like sports or outdoor actiivity while Venus in water may like to stay indoors more or spend time with family. I have found that the Ascendant(Earth) sign is also very much connected to what we value or what pleases us. It's every bit as physical and/or social(if not more so) as Venus, which is why I believe it is the other half of the Venus rulership. Most would conclude that Venus is the primary ruler of Libra and the Earth of Taurus, but I believe it is the other way around. Until this is officially recognized, however, Venus will continue to rule both Taurus and Libra.

When Uranus, true ruler of Aquarius, was discovered 1n 1781, it took a great load off Saturn, which then ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. As the split occurred, so did the split between Great Britain(Saturn) and the United States(Uranus). The New World or Americas(Uranus) were being colonized and the Old World(Saturn) was being left behind. Science and invention(Uranus) flourished and so did industry(Saturn). Both planets(Saturn and Uranus) and their respective signs(Capricorn and Aquarius) were now free to do their own thing without compromise and everyone benefitted from it.

When Neptune, true ruler of Pisces was discovered in 1846, it took a load off Jupiter, which then ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces. The split left Jupiter, true ruler of Sagittarius, in charge of conventional religion, travel, and higher learning, while Neptune ruled over the more mystical or occult side of spirituality. This is when secret groups broke away from the papacy(Jupiter) and spawned theosophical societies(Neptune). Neptune is also the collective subconcious(represented by the great oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific), as opposed to the individual superconcious or divine awareness(Jupiter).

When Pluto, true ruler of Scorpio, was discovered in 1930, it lifted the burden off Mars, which until then ruled both Aries and Scorpio. Aries is no longer obsessed with death and destruction which is the province of Scorpio. World Wars I and II were two stages in the separation process between Mars and Pluto and we may yet still have a third. Pluto gave birth to Russia while Mars belonged to Germany-led Europe which no longer wants war. Pluto is also the elite, the end times, and big money.

When the true ruler of Libra is determined, Venus will be left to Taurus, and the split-up process(now occurring) will cause tremendous earthquakes and upheavals and major international political realignments. It will also drastically change our money system and the way we relate to others in general. Marriage(which is a Taurus/Libra outcome) may become a thing of the past. New lands(continents) may be discovered, and new treaties or exchanges will be made.

When the true ruler of Virgo is determined, Mercury will be left to Gemini? and this will liberate both planets and their ruling signs causing great advances in knowledge and health(already occuring). The computer(Virgo) and the internet(Gemini) were the beginnings of this knowledge process, and telepathy or direct akashic access may be the final result. In terms of health, we may all eventually go back to natural or vegan lifestyles and slowly build up our lifespans to hundreds if not thousands of years.

It seems everytime a new major planet is discovered a new part of our being or psyche is released both individually and collectively and the changes, while initially painful, are for own greater benefit. So when the "little guys" in astrology, Mercury and Venus, single out in terms of rulership(which they are already doing), we can expect initial turmoil but it will all will be for the best.

For now, however, these two planets(Mercury and Venus) will continue to remain overworked and stressed, and carry a greater load than the other planets. The signs they rule will also continue to feel restrained and limited and "half of themselves" until new rulers are discovered and all will finally be liberated.

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