Pluto and Our Perception of Time

The more a planet's orbit is eccentric or inclined to the ecliptic the more it distorts our perception of time. There are four such planets in our system; Moon, Mercury, Pluto, and Eris. Moon and Mercury are 5 and 7 degrees inclined respectively and only somewhat distort our daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms so they will not be treated here in this article.

Pluto and Eris, on the other hand, are 17 and 44 degrees inclined and much more elongated in orbit, highly effecting and distorting our perception or sense of time according to their specific natures. As outermost planets, they effect our collective or generational sense of time measured in decades and centuries. Since Eris is relatively new, having been discovered in 2005, it too will be left out of this article, except to mention that it is now in its slowest (Aries) phase or arc.

This leaves us with Pluto, which we are more familliar with, having been discovered in 1930, and having since traversed seven signs (Cancer to Capricorn). Pluto moves the fastest through Scorpio its home or ruling sign taking about 12 years to do so, and greatly speeding up our sense of time so that events appear to happen more quickly and more intensely. It is slowest in Taurus, taking about 32 years, greatly slowing down the pace of events, and averages out in Leo/Aquarius at about 21 years. These four fixed signs are the most important or crucial for Pluto. Below is a diagram clarifying Pluto's orbit through the signs...

Pluto's eccentric orbit and varying time periods through the signs of the zodiac

Notice how the periods of the big four fixed signs roughly correspond with the three master numbers(11,22,and 33)

So when Pluto was in Taurus between 1851 and 1883 (32 yrs) things were very slow-paced and predictable, just as this sign liked it. Money and material things mattered and the tendency was towards PERMANENCY. In Gemini 1882-1913 (31 years) it was slow as well, physically at least, but the mental pace quickened as is natural with this sign. In Cancer 1912-1939 (27 years) progress was still slow with the emphasis on domestic security, but an artificially inserted World War I sped up the pace.

Pluto in Leo 1937-1958 (21 years) reached the critical midway phase in its orbit where entertainment and creativity blossomed and the speed or pace was average, but it was interrupted by another artificially inserted World War II which pushed things beyond the intended norm. Pluto in Virgo 1956-1972 (16 years) saw great technological advancement which greatly quickened the pace of our society and lifestyle, particularly in the West. Pluto in Libra 1971-1984 (13 years) sped up the pace even more with greater international cooperation and trade, and the introduction of the computer to the masses.

Pluto in Scorpio 1983-1995 (12 years) went into its fastest and most intense phase socially, economically, and in every other way. The internet exploded, especially near the end of this phase, which sped things up to a dizzying pace. Pluto in Sagittarius 1995-2008 (13 years) continued the incredible pace of media and technology on an international basis, expanding our cultural and religious views and connections. Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024 (16 years) starts to slow down and examine the pace of events, particularly in the political realm. People start to put on the brakes in all realms of life asking more questions and taking greater self control.

Pluto reaches a critical phase in Aquarius 2023-2043 (20 years) or the descending midway point of its orbit (which we are now moving into), where after examining all the data, each of us is forced to make a stand in terms of our beliefs and direction in life. Life becomes much slower and more predictable as is the case with all fixed signs. In Aquarius, ideas and truths are more deeply ingrained or rooted and steadfastly lived by. Pluto in Pisces 2043-2067 (24 years) continues to slow down the pace and reduce the intensity as does Pluto in Aries 2066-2096 (30 years), and finally Pluto in Taurus again 2095-2129 (34 years) where it is at its slowest.

In summary, we are now in the descending or decelerating phase of Pluto's orbit so that life will get slower, more relaxed, and predictable, especially from Pluto in Aquarius onward. Things will take more time and consideration before big or drastic changes occur and this will probably be better for all of our psyches after the unsettling windstorms of change we experienced in the war and post-war eras.

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