Pluto in Scorpio Generation Matures

The Pluto in Scorpio generation(1983/4 to 1995 and aged 26 to 38 -as of late 2021) is now fully mature and integrated in society worldwide. Their intense all-or-nothing attitude is stimulating each of us to look at our dark sides both individualy and collectively. They are unbeatable researchers and investigators capable of digging up the truth of a matter whether pleasant or unpleasant, and making an instant judgement of it using their keen intuition or highly developed sensory abilities. If they like what they see they will keep it. If not they will eliminate it entirely. This may involve issues of money, politics, power, sex, health, relationships, etc.

With Pluto currently transiting Capricorn(2008 to 2024) the issues of the day revolve around government, authority, power, control, structure, organization, definition, rules and regulations, limits, restrictions, restraint, economy, efficiency, etc. Governments and all public organizations and institutions are now being investigated to the core, and both the good and bad is being exposed so it can be dealt with. Whatever is good will be built upon and the rot will be cleansed or eliminated. As we have discovered in the last few years, political corruption is rampant and now reaching its peak. The abuse must end and will end before Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2025. Nations with natal Pluto in Capricorn, such as USA, will be particularly affected.

Pluto in Scorpio people instinctively know what is true or false and swiftly react to it. They are not interested in superficialities or generalities. Instead they focus with laser-like precision on the issue at hand. They give their all at anything they do producing exceptional results. They can however go to dangerous or inordinate extremes for better or worse. You do not play around with these people. You either fit in to their goal, desire, or agenda or you do not. Their emotions are very deep and intense(water) but under smouldering control(fixed). They FEEL their way through life as opposed to reason and this can lead to highly habitual or addictive behaviour. Strong air and earth sign placements will balance this.

Pluto in Scorpio people will likely become involved in rare or exclusive careers that make use of their highly perceptive and intuitive abilities such as researcher, spy, investigator, criminologist, sex worker, surgeon, investor, economist, elitist, or politician. They can also make great reformers, healers, occultists, and regenerators. Death and rebirth are common themes in their life, and as a collective they lead the death and rebirth of governments, nations and even worlds. We are currently experiencing a death and rebirth of humanity and the world(also known as a "great reset") and Pluto in Scorpio people are right in the thick of it. As young adults in their late 20's and 30's they will steer the course for us as we progress/degress into the new era or humanity. The bad guys of course want to steer us into their negative version of the new humanity, but Pluto in Scorpio folk can see through this and want only a genuine and positive transformation or regeneration. Remember that Pluto is dignified or at home in Scorpio, which brings out the best of both the planet and the sign.

The Uranus in Aquarius(dignified) generation(1995-2003), aged 18 to 26 as of late 2021, and later the Neptune in Pisces(dignified) generation(2011-2025), now only children, will work powerfully with Pluto in Scorpio people to bring about a true and new Heaven and Earth. ALL of the dignified placements in astrology work positively together to bring the best possible results both personally and collectively. This includes Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini/Virgo, Moon in Cancer, Sun in Leo, and Earth/Ascendant in Libra. A planet is forming between Mercury and the Sun which is responsible for our current crisis, of which nothing is reported in the mainstream media. The bought and sold for media of today is exactly the problem that is keeping humanity asleep, but the truth is busting out regardless, and the Pluto in Scorpio generation will perhaps more than any other group see to it that it does..

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