The Ascendant and Midheaven as Timers

If the Sun is the hour handle on a clock, and the Moon is the minute handle, then the Ascendant and Midheaven are the second handles.

There is very little information on transits of the Ascendant and Midheaven in modern astrology, as they relate to the timing of an event, such as when applying for a job or a raise, but there are a few books that mention them.

One such book is Charles E. Luntz' "Vocational Guidance by Astrology" first printed in St.Paul, Minnesota, USA, in 1962 by A Llewellyn. I'm in possession of the 1978 edition from which I will be referencing.

In chapter 12 of the book the author begins by selecting favorable transits/progressions of the Sun, Moon, and planets during a specific time, as they relate to the natal planets in question. Transiting Sun and Moon trining(sextile is weaker) the native's own Sun and Moon are most important, followed by the other planet transits to the natal luminaries and planets themselves. A tight orb of 1.5 degrees, preferably applying, is used. The more overall good transits there are, the better. Also, Luntz stresses the golden rule in astrology that no transit will deliver much unless the same planets are well configured at birth.

One particularly good progession is the native's progressed Moon coming into trine with his or her natal Sun. This happens every 14 years and lasts only 3 months. The faster moving transits are then used to pinpoint a narrower time frame(to within a day or two),

When an ideal day is found where the transits and progressions are mostly good, Luntz then utilizes the Ascendant and Midheaven transits to pinpoint the hour and minute(page 107). Favourable aspects of the Ascendant and Midheaven to the selected significator(s), mostly trines and sextiles, are used to time the interview or application. Wider orbs of 5 degrees or more may be used with the Asc and MC since they move so much more quickly.

The "selected significator" is usually a good(dignified or well-aspected) planet in the 6th house, or it's ruler. If there is none good here do same with the 10th, and if not the 10th, then the 2nd. If none of these exist select the best most powerful planets in your chart such as chart ruler or planet in dignity or exaltation with mostrly favorable aspects.

Note: Be careful with DST(Daylight Savings Time), which is the bane of all astrologers, and which can throw off the Ascendant and Midheaven transit positions by 15 degrees or more.

The transiting Ascendant and Midheaven transits can be used to time much more than a job prospect. A house purchase, a marriage, a business transaction, a new project, a new relationship, or even a conception can be timed! The applications are endless.

A good app which will fascilitate the the observation of the AC and MC transiting positions(as well as the planets) in real time is the AIR software time clock available for free at Any good astrology software will also make such a time clock available.

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