Planetary Cycles of Growth

Everything is governed by planetary cycles which are universal time hands on the universal clock. At present we know of some 10 to 12 time hands, the most basic of which are the day(Earth), the Moon(month), and the year(Sun). In astrology. the Earth is represented by the Ascendant or Rising sign.

What about the weekly cycle? It too is a basic cycle for us but is not represented by a known heavenly body. My belief is that such a body may well exist but is hidden from view. Could this be the Dark or Black Sun located inside the Earth, or some intra-lunar etheric body that was our second moon during Atlantean times but which was blown up? It may be the missing link or 12th planet in astrology. Or perhaps the whole 7-day weekly cycle is entirely artificial as is its representative body. The truth about this will come out eventually.

There are 8 other planetary time handles each important in their own way and intimately linked to the cycles in our lives, from the fastest to the slowest. These are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. While the Sun is your pre-incarnational god self, the MC your embryonic soul, and the Ascendant your physical birth body, the Moon is your infant stage, Mercury is childhood, Venus is adolescence, Mars is adulthood, Jupiter is middle age, and Saturn is old age and death. Uranus is waking up to the truth that leads to eternal life, Neptune is the receiving of the holy spirit or prana which turns on all the chakras and gives universal conciousness, and Pluto is complete regeneration and rebirth into the light body.

Most of us get through the lower faster planetary cycles up to Saturn(about 30 years of age), but not many reach the completion of their Uranus cycle(84 years), much less Neptune(165 years), and Pluto(248 years), and whatever may be beyond(Eris? 557 years). Some like to include Chiron which is between Saturn and Uranus with a 50.7-year cycle and which has to do with the peak of our productivity or contribution to society. Ceres between Mars and Jupiter has a 4.6-year cycle and has to do with food and nutrition. There are other minor planets between the major ones which may or may not have significant astrological influences or time cycles.

The long-lived peoples of the past hints at long planetary cycles in the hundreds or even thousands of years, but they may have been shorted or reduced with every major reset. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune may have been much further out and Pluto much further in. Given the flat nature of our plane and the closeness and smallness of the heavenly bodies, there may be any number of ways where their orbits can be re-arranged to give certain effects. Pluto, for example, may have been a moon of the Earth, then between Mars and Jupiter, then as a moon of Saturn, and finally beyond Neptune, growing in collective power with each move(Pluto rules the elite which keeps growing in power). Up until 1781, Saturn(Satan) was the farthest and most powerful planet, until Uranus(Christ consciousness) took over. This revolution for freedom and truth was later quelled or diffused by theosophical Neptune(discovered in 1846) which was also behind the mud flood of the early 1800's. Pluto(discovered in 1930), is the total destruction and recreatiom of society through subversion, world war, and pandemics. The modern planets represent the repetitive attempts of both humanity and the individual to master both the higher and darker aspects of self which have thus far largely failed. Some haven't even mastered religious Jupiter or worldly Saturn.

Biblical Jesus is a good example of the successful mastery of the outer planets. At two years of age he escaped death from Herod(Mars cycle). At twelve years of age he showed astounding wisdom at the temple(Jupiter cycle). At thirty years of age he fasted and successfully overcame Satan in the desert(Saturn cycle). Uranus, which is timeless, is the revolutionary truth Jesus then preached which set people free. Neptune is the power of the Holy Spirit and the miracles it produced, and Pluto is the crucifixion and resurrection(death and rebirth). Each of us can do this on an individual level and when there are enough of us who succeed(144,000) the rest of humanity will automatically fall in line.

The fact that there are currently two NEGATIVE outermost planets(Neptune ruling feminine Pisces and Pluto ruling feminine Scorpio) influencing the collective may be why we are being so negatively impacted as a species. Either Pluto needs to be repositioned in the next reset or another positive/masculine planet needs to follow to balance things out. Remember that this can easily be done on a flat and dome-covered crater Earth where the heavenly bodies are much smaller and only tens of miles above us. The planets may even simply be projections of an inner Earth mechamism via the polar openings onto the dome as is indicated in Olaf Jansen's book The Smoky God. When the biblical book of Genesis speaks of the luminaries as lights, that is exactly what they may be.

Most of us who live to be 70 years of age will have lived akmost 900 Moon cycles, 70 Sun, Mercury, and Venus cycles, some 35 Mars cycles, about 6 Jupiter cycles, and 2 Saturn cycles. The lucky ones who live longer will have completed 1 Uranus cycle, and very few if any will have completed Neptune or Pluto. What about the biblical giants and patriarchs who lived many hundreds or even thousands of years? They no doubt mastered the longer planetary cycles which may have been in different orbits than today. I've said elsewhere that it takes several centuries of accumulated wisdom and knowledge to know what's really going on in this world and so long as we're limited to 70 or 80 or 90 we will always be in the dark. Sure we can pass the knowledge from generation to generation but it's never the same as witnessing it for yourself. Humanity has been continually limited for control purposes, and until we are allowed to live beyond our current length of life, we will not advance much, or even reach our divine purpose as a species. This must be one of the darkest periods in human history not knowing where we came from or where we are going. The binds of our controllers must come off and humanity must be set free again.

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