Who Makes the Best Astrologer?

Astrology is usually associated with Aquarius, Uranus, the 11th house, and the sextile aspect. Planets in Aquarius, the 11th house, or natal sextile aspects to and from Uranus usually lend the native towards astrology. Transits to these factors can also awaken or stimulate an interest in astrology.

Many of the great astrologers had Uranus, the 11th house, or sextile aspects to personal points prominently configured. Alan Leo, for example, had Uranus in his solar 11th house(by sign). Helena Blavatsky had Uranus(and Jupiter) in Aquarius. William Lily had Uranus conjunct Sun, Mercury, and Venus(by sign), and so on.

In this article, we shall focus on 11th house planets in relation to the Sun(once again by sign rather than degree).

Sun in Aries: Planets in Aquarius will stimulate an interest in astrology(among other things). This gives Aries a liking for different or unusual subjects of which astrology is certainly one of them. Planets here will give Aries intuitive genius and a more cerebral approach. It wll also give a liking for truth, freedom, and independence. The type of planet involved will also modify the influence. Jupiter, for example, will give a more spiritual approach to astrology whereas Mars will want active participation in the science.

Sun in Taurus: I have found that most Taureans are naturally interested in astrology with or without 11th house planets, but those with Pisces planets will be especially drawn to the subject as Pisces is their 11th house sign. Pisces gives the otherwise hard and practical Taurus a refined sensitivity which is excellent for astrology. It also gives an interest in most other occult subjects.

Sun in Gemini: Planets in Aries will give Gemini an interest in astrology and other similar subjects as Aries is their 11th house sign. Aries gives a fiery genius to Gemini which automatically recognizes the validity or importance of astrology. They are active and outspoken participants with their own brand of wit or humor. Wrting on the subject based on personal experiences is likely.

Sun in Cancer: Cancer is highly intuitive and most of them readily acknowledge the veracity or truth of astrology, but this is especially so if they have planets in Taurus. Taurus grounds Cancer and gives it a scientific or objective mind which is important to understanding astrology. Intuition blends with evaluation. Domestic or financial astrology are strong interests.

Sun in Leo: Planets in Gemini give Leo an "Aquarian" bent which is favorably disposed towards astrology. This is a more cerebral Leo with humanitarian and astrological interests. Gemini cools the Leo nature making it more scientific and research-oriented. The astrology of love and sex are favourite topics,

Sun in Virgo: Planets in Cancer balance the more critical or analytical nature of this sign with a softer more intuitive approach which is excellent for research into astrology. They use their strong observational powers to detect the finer nuances of astrology making them good writers or speakers on the subject. They also have humanitarian interests and inventive ability.

Sun in Libra: Planets in Leo usually stimulate Librans into doing astrological research. Synastry(relationships) and love are of course their favorite areas of exploration. Leo inspires Libra in the search for truth and freedom and scientific research. It also makes them more fixed or resolute as well as more aloof or socially distant.

Sun in Scorpio: Planets in Virgo(Scorpio's 11th house sign) incline Scorpio towards astrological research or exploration. They combine depth and analysis to produce some of the most exceptional or excluive astrologers. Sexual or criminal astrology are favorite areas.

Sun in Sagittarius: Statistically speaking, solar Sagittarians do not have the strongest interest in astrology, but planets in Libra can change that. Libra gives Sag a more objective and scientific outlook which is needed to appreciate astrology. Through their relationships, and accurate instincts, they can gain tremendous astrological insights. Travel or locational astrology is a favorite subject.

Sun in Capricorn: Planets in Scorpio usually give solar Capricorns a strong interest or ability in astrology. The Capricornian realism combined with the Scorpion focus and depth make for very serious and competent astrologers. Their insights are reliable and authorotative. They are especilly good with timing and astrological tables and graphs.

Sun in Aquarius. Most solar Aquarians are naturally interested in astrology as this is the 11th house sign. Planets in Sagittarius strengthen the Aquarian interest in astrology and make them some of the best astrologers. Their spiritual clarity allows them to separate the chaff from the wheat in astrology and restore its true status. Locational or spiritual astrology are favorites.

Sun in Pisces: Planets in Capricorn give structure and science to the otherwise nebulous Piscean nature making them fine astrologers. Intuition and imagination combine with facts and numbers making them mystical masters or professionals. They like the mathematical or structural side of astrology and enjoy constructing charts.

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