Are You A Primordial, Individual,
or Universal Type Astrologically?

The zodiac can be divided in many ways, each of which will give a different view or perspective of the whole. Here we will deal with the division of the zodiac into three main groups; the Primordial signs(Aries to Cancer), the Individual signs(Leo to Scorpio), and the Universal signs(Sagittarius to Pisces). See how many of your planets(including the Ascendant) fall into each group to determine which is your dominant type.

The first four signs of the zodiac are known as the primordial signs because they lay the foundation for the other eight signs. Primordial means primitive, crude, fundamental, raw, or basic. There is no real development as yet except in the most basic of ways. Aries, which is raw life, impulse, or spirit, begins the primordial signs and is the underlying force beneath all the other signs, driving and animating them. It is the God spark of all Creation and manifests physically as light, heat, radiation, or energy.

Taurus is raw matter, or ether slowed or condensed to its lowest vibration. It is the base substance or material upon which all forms are created. Gemini is raw mind or intellect which has its physical manifestation as air or gas. It gives awareness, conciousness, reasoning, or objectivity. Cancer is raw feeling or emotion which manifests physically as water or moisture. It gives sensitivity, intuition, empathy, richness, and memory.

Primordial, Individual, and Universal:

Primordial Signs
Individuall Signs
Universal Signs
AriTauGemCanLeoVirLibSco SagCapAquPis

These first four signs are the BEGINNINGS of the elements in astrology; Aries is fire or spirit, Taurus is earth or matter, Gemini is air or mind, and Cancer is water or soul. In this group, there are two cardinal signs(Aries and Cancer), one fixed sign(Taurus), and one air sign(Gemini). Being predominantly cardinal, primordial types(those with most of their planets here), require action and initiative. They are not content sitting still or observing. They must forge ahead, even if blindly, and lay the groundwork or foundation for the remaining signs. If most of your planets fall in these first four signs, occupations requiring leadership, force, and initiative such as exploring, inventing, fighting, acting, as well as producing, building, owning, buying, assessing, thinking, speculating, reasoning, communicating, bridging, sensing, intuiting, preserving, and protecting are ideal for you.

The next four or middle signs of the zodiac are the natural result of the first four signs, namely the INDIVIDUALIZATION or accrued experiences of the latter, and expressing as Leo(fixed or individualized fire/spirit), Virgo(mutable or invidualized earth/matter), Libra(cardinal or individualized mind/air), and Scorpio(fixed or individualized water/soul). Whereas the first four signs are cellular or atomic in nature, the middle four signs are organic or personal. They represent PEOPLE and SOCIETY and all their activities. Leo, the first of the Individual signs is EGO or individualized self. Aries or Mars energy becomes concentrated or self-illumined as the bright Sun itself. Virgo takes the raw matter of Taurus and ORGANIZES it into the human body with all of its complex systems. Libra gives rhyme and reason and beauty and balance to the otherwise crude mentality of Gemini, and Scorpio gives depth and form(the astral body) to the Cancerian emotional force. If most of your planets fall in these four middle signs, occupations requiring personal contact are ideal for you.

The last four signs are known as the universal signs because they represent the collective or impersonal nature of all that is. They are the accumulative or aggregatory result of the former eight signs. Sagittarius is universal spirit, belief, or religion. It takes the impulse of Aries and the light of Leo and transforms it into that vast entity we call God which is our collective spiritual self. Capricorn is universal matter or the solid and organized world or universe we live in, from cities and mountains to nations and physical worlds or universes. Aquarius is universal mind or intellect and all of the science and ideologies and truths that connect us. Pisces is universal soul, the astral realm, or the akashic records. It contains the memories or imprints of all that was, is, or will be. If most of your planets fall in these last four signs, occupations that teach, instill, or reveal the greater picture or meaning of things are ideal for you.

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