Housing the Ascendant

This is an odd and unique idea but I must put it out there as I have pondered on it every now and then and it seems to have some validity.

Normally we use the Ascendant to set up the houses, especially when using the Equal or Whole Sign System, but what if one uses the Sun sign as the starting point for the chart? What then happens to the Ascendant? Do we just discard it or set it aside? No. We then place it in its own house according to the Sign of the Sun.

So if one has the Sun in Taurus and a Cancer Ascendant, the Ascendant will wind up being in the 3rd house. I call this "housing the Ascendant" and if nothing else, it offers a different perspective of your chart.

As I wrote in some of my other articles, all astrological bodies, whether they are luminaries, planets, or stars, are their own separate entities, and all derive their basic identity in relation to the ecliptic. The Earth itself is its own entity and it too derives its influence where its eastern horizon meets the ecliptic(Ascendant point).

As separate influences, each astrological body can be used to start the first house, giving us up to twelve chart perspectives. One British astrologer, Margaret E. Hone, in her book Applied Astrology(page 103), brings forth the idea of TWO sets of houses, one for the Ascendant and another for the Midheaven, calling them the "A" and "M" houses.

The truth is we can have as many as TWELVE sets of houses, one for every legitimate or significant factor in the birth chart. The Sun, Moon, Asc, MC, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can all each have their own house wheel. The houses are, after all, a sophisticated way of showing the relationships(by sign) between all of these factors. The wheel simply has to be turned to put one(or a group) of them at the starting position, which we call the first house.

So where is your Earth/Ascendant according to your Sun or Moon or other planetary factor. The angle(sign aspect) between them creates a certain effect or set of circumstances unique to your chart. If you have the Ascendant in your Solar twelfth house, for example, it will give your Sun secretive tendencies, perhaps with your relationships or physical habits, and so on.

We must free ourselves of the idea that the Ascendant or Rising Sign(representing Earth) is the only creator of houses or sign aspects, so that it too can be "housed", giving us another perspective on ourselves.

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