The 144 Flavors of Astrology

With 12 planets and 12 signs there are a possible 144 (12x12) planet/sign combinations or "flavors" in astrology.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Ascendant(eleven in all) are all proven or well-established influences in astrology. Many astrologers like to add the Midheaven as the twelfth while others await a new planet. The Ascendant represents Earth or Gaia.

These twelve factors can be in any of the twelve signs depending on your time and place of birth, and each has a particular "flavor" or attitude depending on the planet or sign.

Mars, for example, will be spicy in any sign it's in, but it is hottest in Aries, the sign it rules. One way to gauge a planet's flavor is through color. Mars, for example, is the color red, but there are many shades of red. If we take the color wheel, Mars or Aries is the purest red, but what about Mars in Taurus or Gemini?

As each sign has its own specific color, one simply blends the two to give the correct shade. Mars in Taurus would be a blend of red and orangered. Mars in Gemini would be red plus orange or orangered, etc. Some sources assign different colors to different planets or signs, but you get the idea.

the Fire signs are the primary colors, the Air signs are the secondary colors, and the Earth and Water...
...signs are the tertiary colors. Further inter-mixes, plus tints and tones, produce the remaining colors

Gems and crystals can also stand for certain planetary positions as can foods, plants, animals, peoples, nations, and worlds. It's no coincidence that there are 144,000 elect in the bible -or 1000 spiritual leaders for every national group on Earth.

Every sign, from Aries to Pisces, can signify the process of Creation itself, with twelve sub-phases each, from Mars in Aries or pure initial life force to Neptune in Pisces or complete and final dissolution.

Most importantly, however, each of the 144 planetary positions will describe the 144 faces or phases of God/Satan as they are manifest in humanity. Each of us holds 12 or 1/12th of these faces at birth in any particular reincarnation with the goal of mastering all 144 through many incarnations.

Mastery of any particular planet or sign will show up as a dignified planet(in it's own sign). All of the other positions are flawed to some extent revealing errant ways or attitudes that create an imperfect world -and from which we must recover from.

Nonetheless, every planetary position, dignified or flawed, is an interesting study or "flavor" in itself, to be observed and experienced. We are here to "taste" or enjoy this colorful diversity of human(and divine) expression as catalogued by astrology, whether it is sweet or sour, cool or hot, moist or dry.

While Mars is best in Aries, its home sign, it is also quite good in the other two fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius, and iy is interesting or positive in the air signs. It falls or fails in the remaining water and earth signs whose feminine natures are at odds with the Mars masculinity.

Its the same with the other planets. Basically, The fire-ruling planets(Sun, Mars, Jupiter) do best in the fire signs followed by the air signs. The earth-ruling planets (Mercury, Venus, Saturn) do best in the earth signs followed by the water signs. The air-ruling planets(Mercury, Venus, Uranus) do best in the air signs followed by the fire signs. Finally, the water-ruling planets(Moon, Neptune, Pluto) do best in the water signs followed by the earth signs.

You will note that Mercury and Venus double up as rulers. This is because the signs of Gemini-Virgo(both ruled by Mercury) and Taurus-Libra(both ruled by Venus) have yet to be officially assigned their true or particular rulers. Personally, I would leave Venus to Taurus and assign Eris or the Earth/Ascendant to Libra. Mercury appears to be more favorable to Gemini although I cannot be fully certain of this.

There are people or astrologers with sharp perceptions who can visually recognize the planetary positions in others, confirming their veracity, and more such people are needed to solve astrology's remaining riddles or mysteries, such as the rulerships. I for one can recognize certain positions almost immediately, but not all of them.

Rising Signs or Ascendants which have the most to do with physical appearance and mannerisms are especially easy to spot. Moon signs are pretty obvious as well, as are three or more planets in one sign. It's all part of the training and the validation of astrology. When you can spot all or most of the 144 placements or flavors of astrology, then you are a master astrologer.

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