Neptune in Pisces is Collapsing our Current Reality.

Every 165 years Neptune enters its home sign of Pisces, and during its 14-year stay there, everything enters a state of breakdown and dissolution. What we thought was stable and permanent all of a sudden becomes malleable and ever-changing. This includes our thoughts and ideas, to our traditions and systems of government. There is no longer any clarity or right and wrong, just confusion, melding, and acceptance. Anything and everything goes and we feel helpless about it.

This incredibly powerful Neptunian wave or influence last occurred between 1848 to 1862, at the end of which occurred the great rains and "mud floods" of Western USA and perhaps elsewhere. Neptune was in the last two degrees of Pisces when these floods occurred between December of 1861 and January of 1862. The floods symbolized a final "washing away" of the reality of those times.

It appears a reset of some sort occurs during this powerful Neptune transit both physically(as in a flood) and mentally or psychologically as well(a "cleansing") of old mindsets. We are currently in such a state again with Neptune in Pisces between 2012 and 2025 AD. Our long-held thoughts or beliefs are dissolving and new ones preparing as we near the end of this transit, which may again give way to literal humongous flooding. It is no secret in occult circles that the state of our weather is a direct reflection of the state of our minds.

People with personal planets in Pisces are especially feeling this dissolution which flies in the face of or is opposite our high tech society. Instead of "letting go" and merging into the ocean of oneness or divinity, we are still forced to deal with numerical and digital realities which run counter to this universal Neptunian force, hence all the depression and suicides and opting out of the inhuman artificial matrix.

Our true soul nature is feeling and formless rather than logical or structured, and Neptune in Pisces is reminding us of this. By holding on to outdated material values or concepts we are going against Neptune's tide, and the results will be negative indeed. For those who are free to exit the structural binds of this outdated matrix, the experience or result will be a positive and refreshing one.

The powers that be are trying very hard to maintain the status quo of the last 150+ years, but they will inevitably fail. The waters of the people's psyches and souls are rising and flowing ever so faster and stronger, and at some point the dam will burst and che sera sera. Our spiritual or soul progress cannot be stopped, either collectively or individually, and the archonic forces know this.

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