Parental influences in the birth chart
The MC-IC axis and planets therein, as well as the luminaries, and the 10th-4th whole sign house house, in the astrological birth chart are highly indicative of the birth parents, either by their Sun sign or overall sign type. Since the mother is the actual vehicle of birth she is first to be considered as the primarry parent and this is usually indicated by the MC or Midheaven sign or any planet therein. The father is usually indicated by the IC sign and 4th house or planet therein and sometimes the luminaries, although there are cases where father/mother indicators are reversed. The RULER of the MC can also indicate this as well any planets in Cancer(or Capricorn). Astrology is quite flexible in this regard.

An excellent example of this Donald J. Trump himself. His Midheaven and 10th house are in Taurus with no planets therein, so that the sign(and ruler) become the main indicators.

Not surprisingly, Trump's mom, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump(see picture below) turns out to be a Sun in Taurus. Trump's Moon is in Sag but does not appear to be indicative of either parent(his dad Fred Trump is a Sun in Libra, born Oct.11, 1905), however it does indicate his mom's strong Christian values which she tried to instill in all her children, including Donald. Also, Trump's MC and 10th house ruler, Venus, is in in Cancer -the sign of the mother.

Other examples are Prince Charles, whose MC is in Aries, but the Moon and the 10th are in Taurus(his mom, Queen Elizabeth' II's Sun sign). Princess Diana's MC is in Libra but her Moon(more important than the Sun in a woman's chart) is in Aquarius, and both her parents were Sun in Aquarius births, and so on.

In summary, The MC/IC and their rulers, the 10th/4th houses and their rulers, the Sun and Moon, and planets in Cancer/Capricorn all have something to say about the parents in thr birth chart

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