Transits and the Balance of Power

Here is an interesting way to look at the transits and tell the general mood or atmosphere of the times.

Since the are ten main transiting planets in astrology, the ideal balance is to have five in masculine or positive signs and five in feminine or negative signs. These are days when give and take, activity and inactivity, action and reaction, and all of the other dualities of life are in general balance.

When the balance shifts to overly positive or negative sign occupation there is a noticeable inbalance in the mood of the people and the world in general. For example, when the lockdown or shutdown of the world took force in February and March of 2020 there was an emphasis of planets in the negative or feminine signs, especially in Capricorn. This was fascilitated by all of the outer planets(Jupiter to Pluto) being in earth or water signs, and at various points, ALL ten planets transited earth or water signs. This is uncommon, and the reverberations are being felt way past the event.

It is normal for governments and institutions to exercise more power and control when there is a preponderance of planets transiting the negative or feminine signs, especially earth, and particularly Capricorn. It is also normal for individuals and groups to exercise more power and influence when there is a preponderance of planets transiting the masculine signs, especially air, and particularly Aquarius. In the lockdown situation, there was a noticeable breaking away from restriction when both Mars and Saturn moved from Capricorn to Aquarius. What we are in general seeing now is the split or separation between those who want control(Capricorn) and those who want freedom(Aquarius). Ideally we need both, but it is a delicate balancing act.

Most of the planets transiting the negative signs(earth or water) creates an atmosphere of negativity and pessimism especially when Saturn and Capricorn are involved. There is also more restriction, isolation, and regulation. The Taurus side of it is largely financial or economic, and Virgo is health, sanitation, food, and employment. The water sign emphasis, especially Pisces, increases sensitivity, confusion, inwardness, and helplessness. Cancer is fear, emotion, family, and preservation, and Scorpio is sex, occultism, death, and big business.

Most of the planets transiting the positive signs(fire or air) creates an atmosphere of positivity, action, and optimism. The fire signs in particular precipitate energy, confidence, growth, and creativity. The air signs encourage mental activity and social interaction. Both are light, beneficial, unrestrained, and uncomplicated. Aries is courage and initiative, Leo is pride and warmth, and Sag is faith and expansion. Gemini is intelligence, humor, and communication, Libra is balance, beauty, and harmony, and Aquarius is truth, individuality, and freedom.

The next step is to assess the type of planets in each group. Masculine planets(Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus) do best in the masculine signs of fire and air, while feminine planets(Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto) do best in the feminine signs of earth and water. When there is a mix, for example: Saturn(feminine) in Aquarius(masculine) or Uranus(masculine) in Capricorn(feminine), the positive or negative effect is diluted or not as strong.

Also, planets in their own element and especially sign, will be more powerful than the others. Saturn and Neptune, for example, are currently in their home signs of Capricorn and Pisces respectively, and therefore carry more weight or power. These are all refinements in the general scheme which is to count the number of positive or negative transit placements on any given day.

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