Why the Planets Need to Reverse Their Courses

There are legends and prophecies that the Sun has changed its course from east to west or west to east several times over the span of milennia. Each of those occasions signals the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. Currently, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west but it may not always be so.

It is not just the Sun's direction but that of the planets and stars as well. In astrology, the zodiacal direction is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. Can you imagine if the direction changed from Gemini to Taurus to Aries, etc? What would the effect on people and nature be, if any? Would the Great Ages also reverse course?

It is my opinion that the current astrological direction of the heavenly bodies through the zodiac is a detrimental one, not only socially but biologically as well. This is especially evident with the outer generational planets which pit the younger generation against the older one. The younger Pluto in Leo generation, for example, will balk or resist the guidance of the older Pluto in Cancer generation, thinking itself superior. While it may be superior or self-corrective astrologically, it is younger and more foolish age-wise, and this is not a good situation.

Instead, if Pluto went from Leo to Cancer, Cancer would be the younger generation, and look up to the older Leo generation for guidance and wisdom. This would make much more sense. In astrology, the sign ahead always guides or corrects the sign before. This is how astrology works. The fire element always oversees the water element, the water element oversees the air element, the air element oversees the earth element, and the earth element oversees the fire element. It's a self-corrective circle or cycle.

What we have today instead is a perpetual or continual conflict between the older and younger generations, where the younger generation thinks itself superior and rejects the the advice or influence of the older generation. When the zodiacal direction of the planets is reversed, this problem is solved. The older generation is more naturally honored, and society is in greater harmony.

One may say that this reversal of courses may wreak tremendous havoc in our solar system and on Earth. That is only true in the modern heliocentric view of the cosmos. I am more inclined to believe in the ancient geocentric view where the Sun, Moon, and planets are much closer and smaller and part of the Earth system. The planets may not even be solid objects at all but simply lights or projections. In this ancient view, it would be no problem at all for those in charge to change the orbits or positions or courses of the heavenly bodies.

The reversing of the directions of the planets through the zodiac may have other benefits as well, such as reverse aging, but this only a theory. It may well be that the coming of the new age will see this reversal of motion of the heavenly bodies which is predicted in Islamic and other religious texts. Then we will have to do our astrology a slightly differently.

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