Astrology Archives
The following are articles I've written between 2003 and
2016. Some have been slightly modified, updated, or
corrected in the light of new truth or information.

What is Astrology?

The Basics: Planets and Signs

Basics 2: Aspects and Houses

Astrological Rulerships

Rex E.Bill's The Rulership Book

The Triple Nature of the Planets

Untenanted or Unoccupied Signs in the Chart

Astrology and Anatomy

Sign Blending in Astrology

The Modes or Quadruplicities in Astrology

Classifying Planet-in-Sign-Placements

Fun Exercises with Astrology

One-Degree Progressions

Planets in Signs: 144 Planetary Positions Interpreted

Your Sun-Mercury Combination in Astrology

A New Way To Look At Astrology

True Planetary Types

Good and Bad Planets

Producing and Consuming Signs in Astrology

Mars and Your Strength

Outer Planet Generations

Your Sun-Ascendant Polarity

The Neptune Return

The Power of Neptune

Neptune and Addiction or Escape

Neptune, Pisces, and Dissolution

Neptune in Pisces: What Does It Mean For You

The Power of Pluto

Pluto: Your Super Planet

Pluto Generations in Power

Pluto in Capricorn(2008-2023)

Pluto and the Billionaires

Whole Sign Astrology

Whole Sign Houses: The Original House System

Understanding Houses in Astrology

Houses Are Aspects to the Ascendant

Whole Sign Aspects in Astrology

The Best or Most Natural Aspects To Have Between Planets

Twelve Astrological Aspects

Astrology and the not so Minor Aspects

Solar Houses in Astrology

The Truth About the Ascendant

How To Determine Your Rising Sign

Rising Sign Types

Why Your "Bad" Planets Get All the Attention

Success Signs: by Marlene Masini Rathgeg

Your Twelve Planetary Senses

The Twelve Faces of Libra

Uranus in Scorpio(1975-1981)

Bisexual Tendencies in the Chart

Eris Transits and Houses

The Minor Planets in Astrology: How Valid Are They?

Battle of the Elements in Astrology

Dividing the Zodiac -How Many Signs?

Jupiter Trine Uranus - the Visionary Aspect

The Great Aquarian Conjunction of Feb.4-5,1962

The Taurus Stellium of May 3rd 2000

Bridging Heaven and Earth

The Earth-Moon Gap in Astrology

Our Double Solar System

Retrograde Motion and Dual Rulership

Ascendant and Midheaven transits

Prejudgement or Stereotyping in Astrology

The Virgo Mystery

Is the Moon Vulcan?

1991: The Year of Virgo Nations

2012: Regulus Moves Into Virgo

27 Lunar Mansions

Mercury's Importance in Astrology

The MidHeaven Planet in Astrology

Our Reconnection To The Stars

Blindness in the Birth Chart

The Astrological History of Creation

The Algol Effect

Castor Over Jerusalem

Stars Over UK

Vega Over Washington

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