The Power of Pluto

Pluto, discovered in 1930, has made the 20th century what it is today and continues to transform our society at an ever-accelerating rate. It has shaped and colored our culture and history in ways most people can't even begin to imagine. Pluto's powerful energy is amoral, meaning it can be used constructively or destructively. Here are some highlights of Pluto's(and Charon's) powerful role in our global society and culture over the last 100 years or so.

Pluto is...

Pluto is WORLD WAR

Pluto destroys the old order in order to bring in the new

Pluto is also DICTATORSHIP

or extreme or absolute power


...and the power of the atom bomb

Pluto is HORROR, often combined with science-fiction

and the dark and often unpleasant side of life

Pluto is vampires, bats, ghosts, ghouls, goblins

and other demonic creatures and entities

Pluto is UFO's, abductions, and implants

Pluto is INITIATION, cults, secret societies,

and knowledge that will forever change you


Pluto is CRIME and the UNDERWORLD

He is after all, ruler of Scorpio, King of the Underworld

Pluto is BIG BUISNESS and the stock exchange

Pluto is also the Great Depression...

...of late October, 1929

The rare element PLUTONIUM, first produced in 1941,

was obviously named after Pluto

Pluto is anything rare, miraculous,

exclusive, or exceptional

Pluto rules the EAGLE, SNAKE, and SCORPION

Pluto(along with Virgo's ruler) rules INSECTS,

-especially the venomous or stinging kind

...and MICROSCOPIC life

SUPERHEROES were born during Pluto's transit through Leo

and signify the escalating struggle between good and evil
and the Herculean efforts necessary to deal with it

The invention of the LASER or high focus beam in 1957

is another Plutonian product

Pluto rules SURGERY

...and X-RAYS

Pluto is mining and archaeolgy well as DEEP SEA life

and underwater exploration

POLLUTION, containing the word "Pluto" in it, became

recognized as a serious threat in the 1950's and 60's

Pluto is ESPIONAGE and the

007(James Bond) movies

Pluto rules SEX and PROSTITUTION

as well as AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases

The Star Trek series of the 1960's and its spinoffs brought

our attention to OUTER SPACE -the so-called "final frontier"
which Pluto(along with Uranus) rules.

Pluto conjuncting Uranus in Virgo in the mid 1960's

also sparked the sexual revolution and Rock n' Roll

Pluto(along with Neptune) is NUDITY and NUDISM

and the sexual reproductive organs

Pluto is Bruce Lee

and the martial arts

Pluto is KUNDALINI power

which can destroy or transform you

Pluto is associated with OVERPOPULATION

which exploded after World War II


Pluto is the ever increasing PACE or INTENSITY

with which we live our modern lives

Pluto is cutting-edge RESEARCH


Pluto is anything tiny or miniature
yet powerful or complex

...such as the microchip

Pluto of course rules DEATH(and regeneration)

Pluto is TAXES and tax collectors

Pluto is the ZERO cypher


And of course, Pluto is the END TIMES of

the biblical book of Revelation

Pluto is all of this and more, and the astronomers think it is an insignificant rock!

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